«Harvest» of nominal scholarships

For the Faculty of Instrumentation Engineering this academic year was "fruitful" for nominal scholarships. One student was granted with a scholarship from the Verkhovna Rada and two others received scholarships from the President of Ukraine. In particular, at the Department of Optical and Optoelectronic Instruments students study very well and strive to be the best, despite the difficult situation in the country. So Rostislav Pashkov, the first-year Master of vocational training, became a Laureate of the scholarship, which is given by the President of Ukraine.

Р. Пашков та В. Микитенко

Rostislav was born and raised in Lugansk. He studied at the physical and mathematical class. In 2014 he got upper secondary education in Lugansk Gymnasium № 60 and he was awarded by the gold medal «For High Academic Achievements».

In the same 2014 he entered National Technical University of Ukraine «Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute» and started his education at the Department of Optical and Optoelectronic Instruments at the Faculty of Instrumentation Engineering. Over the years of studying, he repeatedly took part in Olympiads, introducing Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute at the national level, and he won medal places. R. Pashkov is also highly interested in life of the department, faculty and university. For three years, he successfully served as the head of the group (in 2017, his group won the competition for the best academic group of the university in 2016/2017 a. y.). He took part in the organization and holding of the All-Ukrainian scientific and practical conference, which is known as «Instrument-making is a look into the future» and many other interfaculty scientific conferences.

In 2018 Rostislav Pashkov obtained his B.Sc. and decided to continue studying as a Master at the Department of Optical and Optoelectronic Instruments. He was a member of the working group of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute on the project «Improving the assessment system and ensuring the quality of engineering education» within the Leadership Potential Development Program for Ukrainian Universities of the British Council in Ukraine. He even became the «face» of the British Council at the final event that was dedicated to the three years of the project.

For several years, Rostislav has been working at the department of coordination of international project activities of the International Department of Cooperation and Relations of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, where he takes part in the preparation, organization and holding of international information weeks, round tables and forums.

The student has significant achievements in scientific activity. He obtained 12 copyright registration certificates, published an article in the scientific journal, as well as 4 articles in conference proceedings. He participated in 11 scientific and technical conferences and 10 Olympiads. The bachelor's project and the master's thesis of R. Pashkov were carried out under the guidance of the assistant professor V.I.Mikitenka, and they were devoted to the creation of multiple surveillance channel systems which are one of the most promising directions of development of the world optical and optoelectronic instruments industry.

We wish Rostislav Pashkov success and growth in further scientific and professional work.

V.I.Mikitenko, Associate Professor, OOEP Department.