Quarantine is not an obstacle for landscaping

The works of landscaping of the territory of our university are not going to stop even under such circumstances of quarantine. Vadym Kondratiuk, the Vice-Rector for Administrative Affairs of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute told our correspond manager about it.

After the government decree of quarantine due to the coronavirus epidemic COVID-19, some of the workers of the department went on vacation, and the rest of them were made to stay home. Nevertheless, most of the workers, who were responsible for the arrangement of the territory of the university, continued working, following appropriate precautions. All of them were properly provided with personal protective means, they were working in medical masks, gloves and were using antiseptic. Besides, the social distance of the workers was also taken into consideration – not less than 2 meters between them.

In the middle of May, approximately one half of the works connected with landscaping near the 17th building was done, the project of which passed the discussion and received approval during the labor collective meeting of radio engineering faculty. The second part of the work will be done in summer. The landscaping part of the territory near the 20th building was also done. A monument dedicated to one of the first liquidators of the Chernobyl disaster, the Hero of Ukraine and the graduator of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute will soon be erected there. There, the old stairs were dismantled and the new ones, which lead to the central entrance, were installed, handrails and railings were changed. It is remained to pave the road near the building, install a metal fence, bring fertile soil, sow grass – and the landscaping of the territory will be ended. After the end of the work near the 17th and 20th buildings in summer, it is planned to start working in the square, which is situated between the 7th and 16th building.

Near the 4th building, the planning of the territory was carried out, 17 mature birches (4-7 years) were planted, which were till 4 meters wide and with a formed root system. We are going to plant 10 more birches during the week and we will have a birch grove. Soon we will bring fertile soil and sow grass, which can grow in a shade. Apart from the works, connected with the square, the landscaping was also held on the territory of the 4th building. We installed gutters, renewed a storm sewer, repaired ebb tides and partly did repair and restoration works of the road surface near the parking lot, which is situated near the building.

The big amount of works was held on the territory of the square, which is located behind Department of Aviation and Cosmonautics of the State Polytechnic Museum. We completely decomposed the networks of cold and hot water supply of the educational building №6. The old tubes were dismantled and the new ones were installed with the help of modern technologies. Apart from it, all the building litter, which was accrued on this territory, was taken out, the territory was planned and initial works on cultivation of the technical irrigation system in this square were held. During the next two weeks, we are planning to lay sidewalks. We have chosen and ordered electrical supports, and parallel with laying sidewalks, we are installing mortgage details under electrical supports, power lines and irrigation system.

During February-March-April, the workers of the department were doing sanitary crowning and pruning of trees at the appropriate time in order to avoid damaging greenery. They were working in the park alley, on the whole territory, in the park zone. The crowning and pruning of trees on the Politechnichna Street is planned to be held in autumn. As far as new greenery is concerned, 40 chestnuts in our park were planted by people who live near the territory of our university. Also we are planning to plant about 150 greeneries of hornbeams, oaks and maples.

To sum up, our works are done according to our schedule. It is the result of conscientious and responsible attitude to performance of official duties of the workers of the department of economic work. I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart. I hope that after quarantine, students and workers, who will come back to the university, will be surprised by the changes that occur on the territory.