Congratulations on the May holidays

Happy May Day, dear polytechnics! International Workers' Day is a holiday of the people who hold the world - the people of labor. It is celebrated differently in various countries, but the importance of this holiday for uniting workers all over the world in the struggle for a decent life in a peaceful, democratic society is not becoming less important.

And also the day of May 1 is the time to awaken the nature, lush flowering and bright sunlight. Historians claim that in a hundred and fifty years before the official fixation of the International Workers' Day, groves and meadows, magic corners of our land, were the favorite places for Ukrainian congratulations on spring and the joy of renewal of life. Representatives of today's generations respect the beginning of the last spring month as much as their ancestors. The first May days, as a rule, most of us used to spend with our friends in the open air. Now, however, we all better stay in our homes so as not to put ourselves and our dear people at risk.

Congratulations to you, dear friends!

With sincere respect, Rector Mykhailo Zgurovsky