The students of FEA about an internship at the University of Warwick

Ukraine is actively implementing EU educational programs that significantly affect the development of human potential. In particular, Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"Erasmus +" academic exchange program is successfully running. Here are the impressions of FEA students from an internship in the UK.

Dmytro Rodkin

I am a 6th year student of the AEMS-EP department. Since August 20, I have been in the UK under the “Erasmus +” program, which provides a research internship at the University of Warwick for four months. The topic of my research work is "Creation of an adaptive control algorithm for a synchronous open-pole machine taking into account saturation".

First impressions. From the airport in Birmingham, my partner and I took an exotic double-decker bus to Coventry and from there we got to the university. It was unusual to look at the road from the second floor, we noticed a large number of bright green lawns.

People live mainly in small two-story houses with four "apartments". The city has a well-formed center with a large number of shops and cafes. It is surrounded by sleeping areas, where for many kilometers you will not find a single store. Therefore, in supermarkets, especially on Saturday, people buy a huge amount of food.

About the university. The University of Warwick is located near the city of Coventry, in the heart of the Great Britain. The campus has everything that a student may need while studying: educational buildings, dormitories, cafes, shops, a sports complex, a hospital, a laundry, etc. Educational buildings are markedly different from Ukrainian ones: instead of high and wide corridors with large classrooms, there are narrow and low corridors with a large number of small classrooms. This allows you to conveniently accommodate a large number of staff and teachers in relatively small buildings.

At the beginning of the study, each student receives an ID-card, which is a pass to the laboratories and sports center (if you have a season ticket). You can also use it as a payment card to get a discount at local cafes. The student also receives an account and e-mail in the university database. Virtually any issue with the relevant authorities can be resolved by electronic correspondence. Registration for any event, application for accommodation in a hostel - everything is done electronically.

As the purpose of our stay is not only training but also scientific internship, we were given access to computers and a test facility in the Power and Control Systems Research Laboratory. Mostly postgraduate students work here. There is no clear work schedule, some work from home. The main thing is that the person does the work and shows the result. A meeting with the supervisor takes place once a week, most of the time the graduate student works independently.

About the hostel and the people. The campus has a large number of dormitories, which are different in price and convenience. In the simplest dormitpries student has his own room, where there is a table, bed, closet, bedside table. More expensive ones look like apartments. People are very polite, always helpful. If you look confused, do not know where to go, people always are ready to help.

Olexiy Zinchenko

I am a fifth-year student of the EP-91mn group. At the beginning of this academic year, I went on an internship under the Erasmus + program at the University of Warwick (UK, Coventry).

The university impressed from the first minutes of its stay. Almost all keys are electronic, the door closes and opens automatically. The laboratory is separated from work computers, almost all equipment is assembled by graduate students who work here. During the internship we work with an experimental setup for the study of electromechanical systems based on a synchronous motor with permanent magnets. We had to get acquainted with industrial devices for simulation of digital control systems, such as dSPACE and OPAL-RL. Control devices can be developed for these devices in the MATLAB Simulink environment.

The university campus is clean. Rooms for students are individual, the kitchen is shared. A new sports complex has been recently built on the territory, where I went swimming (it is possible at any time and as much as you want). There is wireless internet connection in all university buildings. Free Wi-Fi is available on the streets and buses. The bus stop is on campus. Although the university is far from the city of Coventry, it is not difficult to get anywhere. At the weekend we had a free schedule, you could go to nearby towns for excursions. We also have visited the Great Museum of Transport of England in Coventry and Kenilworth Castle.