KPI and Procter & Gamble have started to cooperate, and that will expand the opportunities of the students

Igor Sikorsky Kiev Polytechnic Institute and the international company of Procter & Gamble will henceforth cooperate in the sphere of education and students’ employment. It is provided by the comprehensive agreement between KPI and P&G.

“We have started from the course of professional lectures by the representatives of different departments of the company. This cooperation provides opportunities for students to become acquainted with the work of the international company and to map out the future career”, –  Natalia Pozharska, the Head of the Employment Promotion and Professional Development, The Career Development Center of KPI, explains.

The first two lectures, “Cyber security in the international company” and “Modern practice of using rotary cutting knives in high-tech production”, were held recently. In the nearest future, the excursion to the factory in Boryspil is being planned. To add to it, the case championship for KPI students, where they can put their knowledge they got at university into practice, is also being discussed to be held.

Apart from the activities at university, the company provides ambitious students an opportunity to pass a paid internship, and at the end of their education they can be officially employed.

“We are glad to all the students of KPI, as there are lots of opportunities to approve yourself in different spheres and different departments in such a big company like P&G. Now we are just starting to work with the faculties, such as ITS, IPT, FICT, FAM, FPM, IME, FPE, FRT, FEL. We hope that our cooperation will afterwards extend to other ones as well. Many of our employees are the graduates of KPI”, – Olena Zaichko, the HR Manager of Procter & Gamble in Boryspil, comments.