Visiting Session of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on economic development took place on December 4 at the National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute".

People’s deputies, who are now responsible for providing legislative support for the economic development of our state and determining its strategic directions, got acquainted with the expositions of the State Polytechnic Museum and met with the leadership and leading scientists of NTUU KPI.

According to preliminary arrangements with the leadership of the Committee, a number of presentations were made for guests.

Firstly, the Vice-Chancellor in Charge of Research, Vitaliy Pasechnik told the audience about the Sikorsky Challenge Innovation Ecosystem created in the KPI as a model for the future high-tech development of the Ukrainian economy and its advantages, opportunities and statistics on the launch of innovative projects implemented in this environment on the markets.

«The country's leadership begins the transition to innovative development. That’s why we are here today, because we know that such a model already exists and works. So you need to take an example and continue to replicate to ensure the development of the economy» the first deputy chairman of the Committee Sergey Taruta said after his speech.

Another presentation, which was interesting for guests, was made by the rector of NTUU KPI and Academician of Ukrainian NAS Mikhail Zgurovsky. It was the presentation “Innovation and Analytical Situation Center as a tool for analyzing and predicting the behavior of complex socio-economic systems”. Mikhail Zgurovsky said that the information, which is currently operating in the world, should be processed and meaningful, so that on the basis of this understanding it would be possible to make appropriate decisions and build certain development strategies. For such a processing, centers that work with an extremely large amount of information are created. They use Big Data methods and tools. In activities of such centers are primarily involved those who make state-level decisions - officials, deputies, heads of strategically important enterprises etc. Especially for these purposes KPI Innovation-Analytical Situation Center is based. Mikhail Zgurovsky also spoke about the scientific methods of constructing and analyzing schemes for the development of certain processes and appropriate recommendations by the Innovative-Analytical Situation Center. «The methodology for their development is based on the so-called prediction methodology, or foresight, which allows us to imagine the future. It cannot be regarded as a usual continuation of the past using the forecasting methodology. Forecasting is the result of constructing a specific scheme based on data and trends of the past, extrapolated to time intervals of the future. But if we are at the stage of rapid development, the past will no longer adequately reflect the future, since this future will acquire a fundamentally new content, form, structure. Therefore, forecasts will give false results, and in order to build future schemes it is necessary to use the Foresight methodology...», he explained. Based on the study of a group of such probable schemes, i.e. carrying out the so-called scenario analysis, strategic decisions are being made, whether at industry, regional or national levels. Mikhail Zgurovsky, in addition, introduced the methods of scenario analysis, methods of processing the results of studies and development of appropriate recommendations for making optimal decisions to deputies, as well as some results of foresight on the socio-economic development of Ukraine in the medium and long-term time.

The deputies were also acquainted with information about KPI space program, the experience of university employees in space projects and current developments in this area, as well as with KPI nanosatellites and their prospects. Everything was told to the guests by the chairman of the Academic Council of the University, Academician of the NAS of Ukraine Mikhail Ilchenko. Everything was told to the guests by the chairman of the Academic Council of the University, Academician of the NAS of Ukraine Mikhail Ilchenko.

The last, according to the agenda, was the presentation «Water supply of Ukraine. Problems and solutions.»  It was devoted to ways of solving the problem that provide the population with clean water, which in many regions, especially in eastern Ukraine, is extremely painful.  Professor Nikolay Gomelya, Head of the Department of Ecology and Technology of Plant Polymers of the Engineering and Chemical Faculty, spoke about scientific and technological solutions in KPI. He was supplemented by Vladimir Risukhin, President of Nature Technologies. He informed about positive experience of building the first post-Soviet mine water treatment plant for Alchevsk Metallurgical Plant (OJSC) (which, unfortunately, is currently located in the occupied territory) and cooperation in water treatment projects with KPI scientists.

After discussing the presentations, the participants of the retreat of the Committee of Verkhovna Rada on Economic Development agreed leadership to extend meetings with the university, but on topics that will relate to certain areas of its activities, as well as on the possible involvement of specialists from the NAS of Ukraine and higher education, including and KPI, to develop a bill in the relevant direction but on topics related to certain areas of its activity, as well as on the possible involvement of specialists of the NAS of Ukraine and higher education, including KPI, in the development of a bill of the corresponding direction.

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