More than 600 students of the KPI took part in Math Olympiad

On the 7th of December the first Math Olympiad round was held in NTUU KPI. It was the qualifying stage of the All-Ukrainian Student Mathematics Olympiad. More than 600 students wrote tests. 

The tasks were divided into two categories. The tests for the first-year students were based on the material that was steadied from the beginning of the academic year (mathematical analysis, algebra, geometry), for the senior students they included different sections of Math (theory of probability, functional analysis, etc.)

Students from 12 departments and institutes took part in a competition. Among them was IASA, FMF, FEL, FMM, FEL, FBMI, RTF, FPM, FTI, IAT, ITS, ISIS and the most active was FICT. The first round is just to reveal the students’ strengths. However, the honors are also provided for it.

         «The first round is an introductory. Its winners, of course, will receive letters of appreciation from the faculties. However, everyone is allowed to participate in the second round» the main organizer of the Olympiad and the senior lecturer of the Department of Mathematical Analysis and Probability Theory of FMF Anton Sirotenko said. According to him, recently there has been a rapid increase in the participants in the Olympiad. It was mentioned that the year before there were about 580 participants, last year 650 and now more than 700.

         The participants of the second round of the Olympiad in KPI, which is going to be held in March next year, will be provided with diplomas and medals, as well as scholarships. The winners of the second round will represent KPI at the All-Ukrainian Olympiad. Over the past 12 years, the students of KPI won 15 first, 12 second and 10 third places at national competitions.

For students, winning the All-Ukrainian Olympiad is not only an opportunity to test their strength and receive financial support. “We sent our winners of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad to international competitions. This year our students won two silver medals and one bronze” Anton Sirotenko says.