A library day with ecological slogans (video)

30th September - is the Allukrainian day of libraries. It is not the first its celebrating in Scientific and technical library named after H.Denysenko passes under a certain slogan, that determines the direction of activity, that have to increased attention. Yes, in 2017 it was “Library is various”, in 2018 was “Library is open “. This year measures passed under the slogan “ЕСО - Friendly” – “Friendly (or safe) for an environment” and inludes the series of lectures “Life in ECO style”.

But before lectures there is a greeting with holiday. “We are proud of the fact that our library applies to such unique libraries, - M. Zghurovskyi has said. - It filed with the deep knowledge, created by glorious engineering school that began their activity in university. The Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute`s library is special also by innovations, seizes the newest technologies, quickly integrated in our developed world. Today it is more than a library it is a powerful youth cell that carries in itself the modern forms of communication among young people, modern ideas and knowledge from plenty of youth projects”. Also O.Brui welcomed everyone who was in the meeting.

Farther on the program lectures “Life started in style ACCO” started. Here a co-founder of OZERO zero waste shops A.Ponikatchuk, developer of software in EPAM Ukraine O.Panforov, PR- manager of ecological addition "Assort" K.Rastvorova, head of HО "Second life" S.Volkov were representing.

They told what is a permanent business and why we need it, about the principle of “Zero of wastes” (“Zero-waste”), overconsumption, projects and initiatives that can be inculcated in a dormitory or audiences on the example of experience of Green team EPAM. It is important that information of lecture had the practical setting too - from domestic ideas that can be applied every day, to the use of local addition such as sorting of garbage that can become an universal helper for everyone.

In further a library command envisages the row of the measures sent to conscious attitude to nature, plan to pay attention on services, measures and projects, related to ecology, and also to the use of natural materials, that biodegradable in the short time, to assist the maintenance of resources (water, energy, paper) and to utilize wastes responsibly. Maintenance of natural resources is a public issue today, that has valued and practical measuring for everybody. For this reason libraries pay attention on the social role and responsibility as leaders in the field of ecological culture.