To the 100th year from H.Denysenko`s birthday (video)

The scientific readings which is dedicated to the 100th year from the birthday of university`s rector (1971-1987) of H.I.Denysenko (1919 - 1998), was passing in 24th April in the Scientific and technical library of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, that carries his name.

In the meeting of round table were H.I.Denysenko`s members of his family -grandchild Natalia with her husband Valery and son Oleksandr, the first pro-rector of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Y.Yakymenko, pro-rector in the scientific work M.Ilchenco, representatives of departament of electroenergy and control system of the Lviv National Polytechnic University professor A.Malynovsky and docent G.Lysyak, rector of Kyiv National university of construction and architecture P.Kulikov, the member of NAS of Ukraine S.Kudrya, dean of the faculty of hydropower in the University of renewable energy P.Vasko, the director of National library named after H.I.Denysenko – O.Buruy, the director of Polytechnic library N.Pysarenko, the representatives of the University of electrodynamics, with which last ten years of H.Denysenko`s life was related and teachers and students of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

“Years, when H.I.Denysenko was managing the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute were very important. For those years our educational areas increased in three times. It is a base for our present activity. – Y.Yakymenko has said. – But H.Denysenko was a prominent teacher. Also, he created and introduced control system for polytech institute in 1974, that works till today…”

Y.Yakymenko shortly told about the H.Denysenko`s life.

A fate did not looked after H.I.Denysenko: born in family of simple peasants in Kyiv, in 10`s years old age he became an orphan, grew in in the older brother`s family, then was directed to Chymkent, then went to Ukraine and entered to the Kharkiv electrical engineering institute. The studying was interrupted by the war. H.Deysenko went as a volunteer on front, but soon he was recalled and assigned as the teacher of military school in Samarkard. Then he taught at Higher military school, but was dreaming about ending his study at university in September 1946, already having experience of teaching work, he became the student of 4th course of Lviv Polytechnic Institute.

After the successful gaining degree of higher education H.Denysenko remained to work in this university, already in 1953 he defended the dissertation, and in 1963 – doctoral dissertation. In Lviv polytechnic he held the position of electrical engineering faculty, pro-rector in educational work, and from 1963 – its rector. He added a great amount of efforts to develop the institute: for creation and develop of complex of educational trunks and had an award from the Council of Ministers of the USSR. Without taking into account all his administrative work, in 1968 he was selected as the corresponding member of Academy of sciences of Ukraine in the specialty “Electric networks and systems”.

In 1971 the new stage in H.Denysenko`s life has started: on proposal of republic`s heads he moved in Kyiv and became the rector of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. He headed it till 1987 and those 16 years of his managing was the years of the most intensive development of material base of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. He was building a new educational trunks and dormitories, equipped them with the technical equipment, transform the institute`s area to the real modern campus. H.Denysenko was having an idea, that every faculty must have its own trunk and insistently conducted it into life. Therefore the area of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute grew in three times! Not less attention was spared by him to educational and scientific work, collaboration with industry, to start a connection with international universities and scientific laboratories. He has increased the research works in Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. The annual amount of research works was more than 20 million of carbovanets, an economical effect from industry – 30 million carbovanets. He also did not forget about his own scientific work, he worked on the department of electric networks and systems. He initiated the development of research works not only in Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute but also in the whole Ukraine in the direction of unconventional energy with the use of wind, sun, rivers, seas and oceans power. He prepared more than 270 scientific publications, 7 monographs and 22 certificates of his own inventions. His scientific works were published in USA, England, Japan and Poland. He became the scientific leader of subdivision of the republican scientific and technician program “Energy complex” on regenerative source of energy. Also, cause of H.Denysenko`s initiative the first testing ground “Desna” in the USSR was built. His scientific and organizational work was noticed and in 1986 H.Denysenko became the second rector in Ukraine – Hero of Socialistic Labor. In addition he was reword by three orders of Lenin, orders of October Revolution and Labor Red Flag.

H.Denysenko died on Mays, 24, 1998, without a few months to the century of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

A.Malynovsky and H.Lysyak presented the lecture about H.Denysenko`s activity. T.Devterova, a main scientist and secretary of Rector`s council of Kyiv institutions told about H.Denysenko`s work in the position of the head of Rector`s council in Kyiv institutions, and S.Kudrya presented the report “H.Denysenko – the founder of restorative energy”. P.Vasko who was H.Denysenko`s student and then postgraduate, share his memories about his mentor and teacher. Actually, practically all performers were memoirs about mentor, colleague and head, cause all performers were working with H.Denysenko for a long period of time.

M.Miroshnychenko the manager of department of rare and valuable documents in Scientific and technical library, made the presentation of edition “Biobibliographic index of H.Denysenko”. O.Bruy told about the future of Scientific and technical library named after H.Denysenko.

In the end H.Denysenko grandchild Nataly thanked to all colleagues and students for their warm words.

M.Ilchenko made a conclusion of the round table, he not only generalized the information but also told about the years of his cooperation with H.Denysenko. “I think that the present and future generation of Kyiv polytechnics will remember H.Denysenko`s name with gratitude” – these words where the end of his speech.