Level of graduates’ employment – the marker of university’s success

For each student and even more – for a graduate the search for working possibilities, where you can apply the acquired skills, is of a vital importance. But it might by quiet difficult; to find a job without a diploma or upon the graduating from the university, even though the profession might be a prestigious one. In the process of work searching the unemployed youth faces certain psychological difficulties. The major part of employers is oriented on searching for specialists with a certain amount of working experience and don’t pay much attention to problems of young specialists’ adaptation.

So with the view to help students and graduates with planning of their professional career, creating the conditions of efficient realizations of students’ and graduates’ right to work the educational department of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute conducts and coordinates the work of faculties and institutes in order to facilitate the process of graduates’ employment.

The institutes and faculties of the university keep close connections with organizations and enterprises from various industry fields. This cooperation envisages conducting of students’ meeting with potential employers that provides the graduates with the possibility to gain a decent first working place with the opportunities to use the acquired knowledge and adapt them for practical use.

Representatives of organizations and enterprises are welcome to give lectures, master classes and round tables on the basis of faculties and leading chairs. The excursions are also organized to acquaint the students with possible employers and working environment.

The majority of faculties and institutes of the university have successfully organized and conducted interesting and informative meeting of graduates with representatives of many companies.

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