International experience - to Ukrainian projects

The fifth year student of the Institute of Telecommunication Systems Nataliia Gvozdetska for her successes in studying, research and public life was awarded a scholarship of the President of Ukraine this year.

Nataliia is getting a master’s degree, takes an active part in the scientific work of the institute and cooperates with telecommunication companies of Ukraine in research projects.

Today Nataliia has already has 8 scientific and technical publications, two of which got to the Scopus World Scientific Bibliography Database, and one patent for a utility model. She participates in international conferences and competitions, took winning places in the All-Ukrainian competition of student scientific papers on technical sciences twice, together with the team was awarded a diploma "For the relevance of the project" at the All-Ukrainian contest "Professionals of the future - 2017" held by Vodafone.

In 2017, Nataliia was elected to be a representative of the National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" in a trip to China within the program Seeds for the Future, organized by Huawei. After the trip, Nataliia continued her successful cooperation with Huawei - she is trained in the company on "Smart and safe cities" by introducing the latest technological solutions in real projects in Ukraine, and plans to take part in the BlackSea Com'2018 International Scientific Conference, which is supported the company. The organizer of the conference is the world-famous organization IEEE - a leader in the development of standards in the field of ICT. We hope that the work of Natalia, which aims to increase the efficiency of the distribution of resources in the SDN network, will interest the scientific community and will allow our student to improve the scientific results obtained.

Nataliia takes an active part in the international activity of the institute - she is responsible for the department for international work, supports the cooperation of the Institute of Telecommunication Systems with the Technical University of Dresden (Germany).

"I want to thank the teachers and administration of the Institute of Telecommunication Systems, as well as the telecommunication companies of Ukraine, that actively support the students' scientific work, because of them I have a chance to fulfill my ideas, to be fully engaged in scientific work. The Scholarship of the President of Ukraine encourages me not to stop on the achieved, to continue developing my scientific potential and implement ideas in practice.

 I wish the students of junior courses to be active in educational and scientific activities. In my opinion, it is necessary to use every opportunity to show yourself without fear of defeats. It brings development and inspiration, and also helps to find yourself in the vast diversity of the world of science. "

Information given by ITS