Opening ceremony of the Twelfth Open International Student Programming Olympiad “KPI_OPEN 2017” named after S.O. Lebediev and V.M. Glushkov took place on 4th July at the National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”.

Thus, a three-day digital marathon has just started, and the best young programmers from different countries are now competing for the main prize of the International Student Programming Olympiad – “Crystal Tower” – for the twelfth time.

The Olympiad is organized by Igor Sikorsky KPI and Vanopl Development Group supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and Cybernetics Center of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Both stages of the Olympiad as well as official events are to take place at Igor Sikorsky KPI as usual.

“KPI-OPEN 2017” opening ceremony was held with the participation of Vice-Rector for Educational Work of Igor Sikorsky KPI Petro Kyrychok, Rector of the NASU Institute of Cybernetics named after V.M. Glushkov Ivan Serhiienko, initiator and cofounder of the Olympiad, founder and leader of Vanopl Development Group Ivan Plotnikov, SIM-Networks Marketing Director Dmytro Yuferov, representatives of Oro, Inc., MacPaw, Lenovo and others. 

“KPI-OPEN” is one of the biggest intramural programming competitions in the world. The Olympiad is regulated by its authentic rules coordinated with international ones. Together with absence of arrangement fee, it makes “KPI-OPEN” an ideal platform for meeting of young programmers from different countries. Thus, the Olympiad has become one of the main events not only for programming students from Ukraine and other countries of Eastern Europe, but also for many IT-companies. The main goal of the Olympiad is to create an opportunity to distinguish the most talented programmers among students, teach them to work in teams, help aspiring ones to estimate own abilities and give them insight into what path they should take in their studies. It means that the eventual goal is to encourage young specialists to improve their professional level. Of course, the Olympiad is also oriented on development of relations between universities.

Partners of the Olympiad include outstanding IT-companies whose specialists share experience, knowledge and further programming development ideas with the participants on special presentations, seminars and lectures. Moreover, these companies take their chance to look for potential employees among the most promising students who are truly interested in their future profession.

As far as tradition requires it, Olympiad participants are offered not only challenging tasks, but also a variety of cultural events: a guided tour of Kyiv, a boat trip on the Dnipro, beach volleyball training, kayak trip and even an Art Evening with Jazz'n'Guitar Spectrum concert (which will take place on Thursday, 6th July, in the Academic Council Hall at Igor Sikorsky KPI).

Popularity of “KPI-OPEN” is constantly growing that can be evidenced by its geographical extension and increasing amount of participants. General statistics of all years of the Olympiad presents following figures: there have been 851 participating teams with 3235 students from 14 countries, 69 cities and 162 high educational institutions. This year, a total of 106 teams from Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary and Estonia have entered the competition.

In 2017, the Olympiad is sponsored by a number of famous IT-companies, with Oro, Inc. as the Platinum sponsor and MacPaw as the Gold sponsor. Official partners are NetCracker and SIM-Networks. Prize sponsors are Lenovo, SIM-Networks and

Among informational sponsors of KPI-OPEN 2017 are leading profile mass media and Internet sources:,, О,,,,,,,, Hi-Tech Pro, IT Business Week,,,,,,, CyberBionic Systematics,, Kyiv Smart City, Bionic University, Technoguide, StartIT, PCweek Russian Edition, IT Education Academy, BrainBasket Foundation, PC Magazine Russian Edition, Erevnites, FISIT, YOUR ECONOMY, Fisiting и Immaterial.

Winners will be awarded with Tab3 8” Plus tablets, mice of Y Gaming Mouse series, Lenovo gaming headphones of Y Stereo Headset-ROW series by prize sponsor Lenovo; professional hosting services certificates by SIM-Networks official partner; gift certificates for video courses by ITVDN and, of course, with “Crystal Tower”, the main prize of KPI-OPEN.

All participants are bound to get cloud hosting certificates from Prize sponsor

The award ceremony will take place on 7th July.

In the picture: the main prize of the Olympiad, “Crystal Tower”.