To the new year - with new trees!

For many years, the first page of the New Year's issue of our newspaper was decorated with photos of the historic building No. 1 of our university. The reason for that is obvious: everything that is traditionally depicted on the New Year greetings cards — snow, turret clocks, spruce — we have just been photographed each year. Of course, the main element of all of our New Year's plots were two thirty-thousand fir-trees in front of the central entrance to the building. It seemed they were always there, and always were equally huge. In photographs made in the 30s of the last century, they are almost the same as a year ago.

But the untimely time, as well as the summer heat of recent years, have led to the fact that these fir trees have dried up. In August — the right, if you face the entrance, in September — the left. They had to be demolished.

In November, according to the dendrological plan, approved by the rector of the university, young trees were planted along in front of the first building: 10 blue along the central alley, and 10 Serbian - semicircular.

A few words about planted trees. The yarn is blue with a pyramidal crown. Branches form the right dense tiers, horizontal or hanging at different angles. The color of the needle — from green to light blue. Grows on average up to 30 m. Usually its age does not exceed 180 years. Serbian fir — one of the fastest growing types of fir. It reaches a height of 15-20 m, in some cases — even 40 m. Lives about 300 years. Has two-colored needle: the upper part — shiny dark green, bottom — with noticeable white stripes.

We hope that new trees will adorn our university for many years.