Vice-rector P.O. Kyrychok speaks about educational work at the university in 2017

The main areas of activity of the Department of Educational Work in 2017 were the following: academic work, scholarship, academic mobility, social and cultural work, sports education, development of informational space and security at the university.

An important component of the department's activities is the implementation of innovations and participation in improving the normative and methodological work of the university. In pursuance of the decision of the Academic Council dated May 15, 2017 regarding the enactment of the Temporary Provision on the Organization of the Educational Process the Winter Examination Session 2017/18 was organized using a new system of assessment. In addition in January 2017 there were radical changes in the scholarship system of students. Henceforth, academic scholarships are awarded to students according to the studying rate which includes all budget students who completed a semester control on time and without re-classes. According to the location of students in the rate 45% of the best students are chosen who receive an academic scholarship within a particular specialty.

Changes also occurred in the appointment of a social scholarship: the procedure of the payment of such a scholarship and the list of persons entitled to receive it are determined. During the last year from 513 to 922 privileged persons at the university received a social scholarship.

Thus, the average annual number of students who received a scholarship in 2017 was 49.7%.

Вчасне складання зимових сесій за факультетами інститутами

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