May 11–12th, on the basis of Heat-and-Power Engineering department of Igor Sikorsky KPI the IV International scientific-practical conference "Sustainable development of ХХІ century: management, technologies, models (Scientific discussion named after Ihor Nedin)" was carried out. The event was dedicated to the blessed memory of Ihor Valentynovych Nedin. He was the person, who always naturally combined in himself high requirements to ethical knowledge and practical value as well as an actual demand for knowledge. His creative, sometimes technological, look on householding processes has always been recognizable.

The conference goal was to draw our attention to the several actual questions concerning sustainable development of today’s scientific discussions. This is the theory and methodology of ways and context of determination methodology of the driving forces. These are contribute to the society’s sustainability and ensure the progress of all on the way to confident development in the war environment and social challenges of the present.

Among the participants of the conference were Public Institution «Institute of Environmental Economics
and Sustainable Development of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine», Institute of Telecommunications and Global Information Space, International association of sustainable development, University of Economics and Humanities (Poland), Riga Technical University (Latvia).

Scientific meeting was greeted by Vice-rector for scientific work of Igor Sikorsky KPI; Candidate of Technical Sciences O.V. Koval; d.e.s., professor of Institute of Environmental Economics

and Sustainable Development of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ye.V. Khlobystov; the representative of European bank of reconstruction and development О. Borisova; professor of Institute of Power Engineering of Riga Technical University and Doctor of Engineering A.Yu. Mahnitko; d.e.s. of "New Ukraine"Institute V.G.Potapenko; d.e.s. Head of the Department of Management of Foreign Economic Activity and International Business (Ukrainian-American Humanities Institute "Wisconsin International University( USA) in Ukraine" L.V. Zharova.

The conference went dynamically and efficiently. The seminar materials were published in a collective monograph named "Sustainable development of ХХІ century: management, technologies, modelsі". Hope, this monograph will become the best example of scientific aspirations and vast doubt in the area of interdisciplinary researches of sustainable development.

I.V. Segedaа, assistant professor at the Department of Automation of Energy Processes and Systems

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