The second stage of Ukrainian student Olympiad on specialty "Energy management" was held in Igor Sikorsky KPI at the Institute of energy saving and energy management, 24-27 April 2017.The competition was attended by 14 leading universities of Ukraine. The Olympiad were held in the areas of "Electrical and Electrotechnology" and "Heat Power Engineering".The number of students and teachers who participated in the Olympiad, was 65 people.For three days the participants had the main round of the competition, visited the laboratory of energy-efficient equipment Vaillant, laboratory departments of power supply, heating engineering and energy saving, the jury determined the winners in the individual and collective competition, the organizing Committee summed up the results and awarded the participants with certificates and diplomas, presented gifts from sponsors.

     The Olympiad were dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the opening of the specialty "Energy management". The Olympiad at the present stage of development of the energy sector is of particular importance, because it promotes the ideas of energy saving, economical use of natural resources, introduction of alternative and renewable sources of energy.

     Tasks competition consisted of two theoretical questions and three exercises related to problems of electrical engineering, power engineering and energy management. The entries were checked by the jury, composed of professors of all universities-participants of the Olympiad. The jury noted a fairly high level of preparation of students, their ability to solve problems in the field of energy saving, electrical engineering and heat power engineering, heat and electricity supply.

     At the closing of the Olympiad were made by the representatives of companies HERZ, Viessmann, BOSCH and Pablic Company "Kyivgas", which warmly congratulated the students and teachers, noting that the competition promotes the training of specialists, encourages young people to creative work. Also the participants of the Olympiad were welcomed by: Director of IEE, Professor S. P. Denisyuk, the head of the Department of heat engineering and energy saving Igor Sikorsky KPI Professor V. I. Deshko and Dean of electrical power engineering faculty of NTU "KHPI" Professor O.P. Lazurenko.

The winners in the individual competition:

  • in the industry "Electrical engineering and Electrotechnology": O. A. Bespalov,Igor Sikorsky KPI(1st place); O. V. Kulapin, NTU "KHPI", Kharkov (2nd place);V.I.Korotkov, ONPU, Odessa (3rd place);                                                                                                                                                       
  • in the industry of "Heat Power Engineering": D.V.Dudarchuk,Igor Sikorsky KPI(1st place);V.A.Gusev, SSU, Sumy (2nd place); O. I. Mackay, NTU "KHPI", Kharkov (3rd place).

In the team competition the I place was won by the team of Igor Sikorsky KPI, the II place – NTU "KHPI", III place – TNTU, Ternopil.

     The Organizing Committee expresses gratitude to the leadership and leading teachers of universities, who worked with the team members.
Special thanks to the sponsors of the Olympiad: companies HERZ, Viessmann, WILO, BOSCH, Centre resource effective and cleaner production, Public Company "Kyivgaz", which helped to organize and prepared the gifts to the winners.

     Organizing Committee expresses its gratitude to the staff of the departments of power supply, heating engineering and energy saving, which took an active part in organization and holding of the Olympiad: Director of IEE S. P. Denisyuk, the head of the Department V. I. Deshko, head of Chair M. M. Fedosenko,Docent I. O. Sukhodub, senior lecturer O. S. Yarmolyuk, Docent V.O. Vinogradov-Saltykov.

                                                             I. O. Sukhodub,Docent; O. S. Yarmolyuk,Senior Lecturer IEE

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