Giving the large organizational role of KPI in the preparation of engineering and scientific frames, his high intellectual potential and due to 100th anniversary since foundation, I adopt:

1. To provide KPI the status of national self-governing state of higher educational institution, which operates his activities under his Charter, which is registered by Ministry of Educational of Ukraine and call him in the future as “National Technical University of Ukraine”

2. The state authorities not to transfer assigned to the National Technical University of Ukraine property which is belonged to  national property, to any authority, enterprises, institutions, organizations or other educational institutions.

To establish that the National Technical University of Ukraine to the implementation of the objectives uses the property assigned with educational and scientific purpose, without changing the ownership of this property and holds it at the expense of funds.

3. To recommend to local Councils not to withdraw the land plots for state and public needs from land granted in the use of National Technical University of Ukraine.

4. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to implement measures related to the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Foundation of the National Technical University of Ukraine.


The President of Ukraine                                               L.KUCHMA

Kyiv, April 8 1995

N 289/95

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