Volunteers at the Ukrainian-Polish Forum

Forum of rectors of higher technical educational institutions of Ukraine and Poland was held in KPI n. a. Igor Sikorsky on 4-8 April. The participants discussed international cooperation of Polish and Ukrainian technical universities. Brilliantly conducted scientific integration and exchange of experiences were not the only achievement of this year's forum.

On the initiative of the Department of International Cooperation and Student Council of KPI n. a. Igor Sikorsky students volunteers were attracted to the organization of the event. 157 students of Kyiv Polytechnic were trained in accordance with one of the 15 areas. Groups of people with good speaking skills, experience with artistic groups, the ability to conduct tours, work with the media and others were created. Each line had its curator from the student side who kept the operational efficiency and helped to eliminate problems.

Voluntary participation of students in the forum gave tangible results. As one of the representatives of the Warsaw University of Technology said: "People with a spark in his eyes do incredible things." After the event, activists shared their experiences. Volunteer who worked in the group of transportation said: "We  helped guests get to the places of  round tables conferences. At some point it became clear that we did not have enough people, but curators quickly found additional reserves. I personally talked to a considerable number of Poles and even received compliment for  cool volunteer’s  T-shirt ".

Volunteer reserved for ensembles: "I was assigned to the Polish art collective, it brought me new knowledge, new experiences and pleasant acquaintance. There were  surprises. Two Polish students have managed to get lost during the tour, but we have found and continued  working. The most difficult was parting - Poles simply would not like  let us, promising to come. "

"We chose a direction to practice spoken English and Polish, but it turned out that we found a real dream team among volunteers of our department! Working with the guests was a complete pleasure especially we were pleased because we were respected and they spoke our own language" - noted the the girls from Contactpoint. The Head of the Department of International Relations Student Council KPI n. a. Igor Sikorsky said: "I am infinitely happy that so many people agreed to help us. We have shown that students could interact effectively with the administration. All the volunteers were delighted with  gained experience. For two days we have done extensive work, I do not fully believe that we have succeeded. Incredible emotion, spirit and mutual respect were the main features of the Ukrainian-Polish Forum".

Judging from volunteers reviews we can conclude that volunteer activities will be in KPI!

Denys Balandin, commanderi of  service student groups of KPI n. a. Igor Sikorsky.