Victoriia Yasynetska is unindifferent and courageous

It has been revealed to “KP” editors that the leadership of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute received an official note signed by university business manager Yana Tsymbalenko and supported by the chief of Solomyansky Police Department district №1 Paul Vasilenko. It expressed the request for awarding acting Head of KPI Archives Victoria Yasynetska for civic consciousness and respect to the university property protection.

To clarify the circumstances of the incident we met with Victoria Anatoliivna. And she told:

- I live in a house overlooking the campus building №28. On August 31 this year, around 11 pm I was at home and suddenly I heard the sound of broken window glass in this building (by the way, shortly before this incident new windows were installed). I knew that students celebrated the First-Year Students Day and, in my opinion, this noise was made by drunk people. I called the police and they quickly arrived and took measures.

- Another accident was on November 14 this year. I walked the dog around 10 pm and I noticed two adult men who suspiciously inspected lights on the campus builduing №28 (in the area of ​​their reach). I came to them and asked what they do here. One of them began to say that he is an electrician. I asked him to present a certificate of electrician and after that one of them run away and the other started to threaten me with a knife. I have gained the number of police, screaming loudly. My husband ran out of the house after hearing my scream and a student who also walked with the dog came to help me. Soon the police came and arrested offenders. I know that the police established that offenders stole some lamps equipment.

I asked Viktoriia was she scared and she said with a smile: "When I saw that some people commit an outrage and even steal our KPI, I interfered in their affairs because I could not stay  indifferent. I am not such kind of person who is afraid of bullies and thieves ".

На моє запитання, чи не злякалася вона, Вікторія з посмішкою відповіла: "Коли побачила, що якісь люди вчиняють неподобство, та й ще крадуть з нашого КПІ, відразу втрутилась, не могла залишатися байдужою. Я не така людина, яка боїться  хуліганів і крадіїв".