By the decree of the President of Ukraine №509/2016 dated November, 17, 2016, Presidential award for young scientists in 2016 for the work “New inhibitors for corrosion prevention” was given to a team of young scientists of Chemical and Engineering Faculty. This award-winning work is a collective work of assistants of Department of Electrochemical Plants Technology, PhD in technical sciences, H. S. Vasylieva, PhD in technical sciences S. V. Frolenkova and Department of Physical Chemistry, PhD in technical sciences, V. I. Vorobiova. Each of these authors has been working diligently for long period time on the development of effective means for the increase of chemical material resistance, production of new mixtures for inhibiting of corrosive environments and equipment improving for corrosive control. The application of authors’ best practices for solving fundamental problems of metal stock of Ukraine shared their pieces of work in one complex work that became award-winning.

Г.С.ВасильєвCertainly, this award couldn’t have been possible if it hadn’t been for scientific base created as a result of long research of managers and laureates namely research members of the Department of Electrochemical Plants Technology, Doctor of technical sciences, professor Yu. S. Herasymenko, Doctor of technical sciences, Professor M. I. Donchenko and head of Department of Physical Chemistry, Doctor of technical sciences, professor O. E. Chygyrynets. As opportunity offers, the authors express their gratitude to their scientific advisors who not only opened the doors into the beautiful world of science but became guides to their own achievements.

In the work “New inhibitors for corrosion prevention” an important scientific and technical problem of complex preservation of metal stock of Ukraine that is exploited in natural and man-made conditions both water and air environments of various rates of aggressiveness has been solved. New fundamentals of chemical material resistance increase with the application of synergic compositions of contact inhabitation type on the basis of oxo anions, environmentally-friendly fugitive inhibitors on the basis of plant organic compounds and anticorrosion properties of corrosive environment components have been elaborated. There were theoretical model of mechanism of inhibition effect of developed compositions as well as mechanism of metal protection by means of natural components of corrosive environment studied and deepened.

According to material of the work, authors published more than 90 papers, and received 5 patents of Ukraine. 9 publications in scientometric journals that are included in Scopus base, approbation of the results at 20 international conferences can signify about the world level of scientific results received in the work. Comparative tests showed that developed corrosion inhibitors are highly competitive with the best world analogues. Economic effect from scientific developments makes up 7 million UAH that is supported with particular calculations made by enterprises where implementation of these developments was carried out.

A high scientific level of the work is admitted by leading Ukrainian scientists among which are correspondent member of Ukrainian NAS, head of department of inorganic chemistry of Kyiv national university n. a. Taras Shevchenko, Doctor of technical sciences, Professor M. S. Slobodianyk, head of department of surfaces, composite materials and metals protection of National metallurgy academy of Ukraine, Doctor of technical sciences, Professor C. Y. Pinchuk; rector of state higher educational establishment “Ukrainian state chemical and technological university”, Doctor of technical sciences, professor O. A. Pivovarov; professor of department of general and inorganic chemistry of NTU “KHPI”, Doctor of technical sciences, professor M. V. Ved.

В.І.ВоробйоваThe practical importance of results received in the course of public discussion was admitted by the managers of enterprises where implementation of developed technologies was carried out, in particular, the manager of chemical service “Kyivenergo” plc. O. A. Zagorodnii, director of UE “Teplokomuenergo”, Kremenchuk city D. M. Pytulko, currently carrying duties of manager of pipe-welding production department of “Mariupol metallurgy concern n. a. Illich” plc. Authors of the work express gratitude to those who took part in approbation and test results and were in favor of them.

We hope that this award will become an incentive for laureates to continue challenging scientific search and development of talents for the benefit of our Motherland.

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