That is the slogan we can note the events in November at the Department of Applied fluid and mechanomtronics: Autumn School - Olympiad - competition of professional skill.

In the first step occurred early November, when there was "Autumn School" for high school students high schools, high schools and middle schools. During the holidays the chair came 22 students from 5 educational institutions of Kyiv. Every day for six hours occurred theoretical training, practical skills were acquired and carried out laboratory testing of electrical engineering, simulation, pneumatic, electro-automatics and programming controller. Every day - new job, new tools, new teachers – A.P. Gubarev, A.V. Uzunov, I.V. Nochnichenko, A.S. Haletskiy,  A.M. Muraschenko,  A.S. Hanpantsurova. Only nine pupils reached the last test of the test results on didactic equipment with programmable controllers and pneumatic devices. But they are, even after the presentation of certificates of completion "Autumn School" to continue solving the "prize" problem, up until the Saturday evening, and a victorious outcome.

It took two weeks, and started the second step - Ukrainian contest of the knowledge of the "Mechatronics in mechanical engineering", but in a modified format. In the summer of representatives of the company DP "Fest" and NGO "WorldSkills Ukraine", Artem N. Kharchenko and Sergey Rybak, addressed to "KPI after Igor Sikorsky" with a proposal to jointly organize and conduct the first in Ukraine contest competence "mechatronics" for program WorldSkills. Note that the WorldSkills - the world's largest competition of professional skills, and unique Olympic Games for the professional youth held every two years in the international format 6 sectors of the global economy, "Transport and Logistics", "Construction and technology of building production", " manufacturing and Mechanical engineering "," Information and communication technologies "," Visual Arts and fashion, "" welfare. "

In our view, a serious approach WorldSkills provide tools to create a balanced system of known technical solutions, approaches and special education needs of modern society. In such a system for simulating the dynamic changes may be new technical problem or deficiency of a particular category of specialists or the latest developments, the potential of which has yet tested in practice.

In this case, the motivating factor was Olympiad, which has delegated its winners for the contest. Compared with the previous year the number of Olympic teams increased from 14 to 18 - were added representatives of the Academy of Municipal Administration, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences, Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture, and from Kyiv National University of Technology and Design came to the event once two teams from different departments. Three teams from Lviv, Chernivtsi and Uzhgorod for the first meeting were observers. Total for the Olympics come around one hundred students and coaches. The winners, in addition to traditional diplomas, medals and prizes awaiting permits qualifying for the competition WorldSkills. Despite fierce and intense combat teams Olympiad rhythm was maintained throughout the course. This contributed to the coordinated work of the jury, head of didactic support DC "Fest" Yevgeny Ryzhenko, department staff and team assistants competition. This is a team that consisted of 28 students 4-6-year students and went through training half-a-month training, ensure uninterrupted operation of equipment, adherence to the rules of the competition, rhythmic transitions from training to competition from stage to stage. The winner was the team of "KPI them. Igor Sikorsky" within Vladislav Sharipov, Igor Agayev and Ivan Okrentsya (head Hanpantsurova O.S.), silver won students of National University of Food Technologies Olga Titus, Vladislav Yakymchuk Boris Mikhailik (Head M.V . Yakymchuk) won the bronze team chair KITVT KNUTD - Taras Lebedyuk, Irina Sihl, Anna Zubovych (head I.L. Kiva).

14 Olympians and top three teams from the regions (universities Chernivtsi, Lviv and Uzhgorod) came third step to self-determination - competition of professional skill.

The opening contest was preceded by a round table where the rector "KPI them. Igor Sikorsky" M.Z. Zgurovsky and president of "WorldSkills International" Simon Bartley discussed cooperation towards the formation of new competencies and occupations. During the inauguration head competition "WorldSkills Ukraine" S. Rybak wished the contestants honest and hard fight and win stronger. Professional objectives and rules evaluation prepared teachers "KPIafter Igor Sikorsky" modular production stations provided KPI, SC "Fest" and NUFT jury of the competition made team leaders, experts, including representatives of "ArcelorMittal", experts from the regions and technical experts. Carousel competition, which was formed with teams of assistants, jury members, experts and observers from morning to evening "spinning" in the laboratories of the department in the first case. At six o'clock truly professionally depleted team leaders and expected to complete the scoring, and in the next room waiting for students tistechkovo-tangerine encouragement. The solemn moment: the head of "WorldSkills Ukraine" S. Rybak announced the winners, presenting awards and prizes - mobile phones and tablets. Skill is not a surprise - the first six places are winners of competition.

The third step is made, mechatronic community gained new fans, professional test stand Olympians to participate in WorldSkills International prepared the way of the professional card to the professional knowledge and professional affirmation passed.

P.S. Independent experts of "ArcelorMittal" made a proposal to include in the competition, out of competition, employees "ArcelorMittal" - professional feel the Olympic spirit of young people.

A.P. Gubarev, Professor Department. PHM,
A.S. Hanpantsurova Assoc. Dep. PHM

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