To your success, dreamers! The scholar of the rector 2016 FEL

Everything flows, everything changes... This is an ancient phrase, which is relevant in our time, when the ultra–fast pace of developing technology into a single unit fused technical and human capacities as the ability to clearly set goals and is already a necessity to be able to implement them. And, what is more, besides work and school in each person’s life should be a place for creativity, for expression, for what is called a soul, a dream, a fantasy...

The heroes of this article are students of the faculty of electronics, which in this semester were awarded a rector scholarship NTUU “KPI after Igor Sikorsky”. Two boys and a one girl – a personality, a dreamers, researchers and creators. That is in their life, except for studies in which they achieved outstanding results? How they live apart from University and what is their dreams?

Maxim Silevich. Born in Bila Zerkva, Kyiv region. Since 2013 is studying at the Department of design of electronic–computing equipment. As Maxim said the choice of the faculty and the Department was not accidental, since the electronics, especially digital, is his passion. Design new electronic circuits and repair of existing electronic devices have become a logical result of this interest. And what is concern your spare time? “Relax with family and friends, ride on rollers, – says Maxim. – I like active rest”.

Julia Kobrin. She comes from the town of Berehove in Zakarpatska region. Like many of her mates wanted to enter the KPI, and this dream has come true – now she is studying at the Department of physical and biomedical electronics in the direction of “Micro– and nano– electronics”. Julia said “Since that moment there are a lot of great people comes to my life, I was part of a mass of exciting events, the desires and goals. Studying at our University is a certain revelation every day, and often is the discovery of yourself”. Can’t argue with that, because studying requires, first and foremost growth and individual self–improvement that goes far beyond University programs. Particularly, Julia became a member of the BEST organization on the basis of our University where she met likeminded friends, acquired new knowledge in the specialty and motivation for new achievements. In addition, dancing, foreign languages, foreign travel bring a lot of pleasure in Julia’s life and give her positive mood for new achievements.

Eugene Lisitsky. He is from Kiev, he graduated from high school with advanced study English language and music school guitar class. Why did you choose the faculty of electronics? “At that time, – says Eugene, – there are two things which I like, It was mathematics and music. A desire to study electronics has not yet formed, so I decided to enter the faculty of electronics, speciality “Audio–, video – and cinematographic engineering”. Three years as Eugene overcomes this path and approaching the realization of his dream: “I hope to write music for some good children’s or adult movie, and develop in this direction”.

What helps you to overcome difficulties and obstacles, to reach new horizons and move forward? Once again, Eugene said: “The Source of vitality and inspiration is God and loved ones that He sends into my life: mom, dad and friends. To some people it may seems strange that a young 20 year old guy believes in God, goes to Church, but God is the one who helps me to be myself, to dream, to make this dream come true, to stay afloat and do those normal things that I do”. And then there are travel, communication with friends and parents and, of course, music. Eugene plays guitar in a band, without changing their children's Hobbies.

What to say in conclusion? People should be multifaceted, to get involved and interested in many things, not to be lost in this turbulent, high–speed world. And, as Julia said, – If you really want something, it will happen! Yeah, maybe not immediately, but everything comestimely. So dream, and if life gives you some opportunity, be sure to use it!” to your, young dreamers.

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T.A Khizhnyak, associate Professor, Deputy Dean of FEL