The unique book of M. Faradey

The prominent English scientist Michael Faraday studied only in elementary school, and the first idea about science received from the popular science books and lectures.

Already becoming a famous scientist Faraday read himself cycle of popular lectures for children. One of the students – the future eminent chemist William Crookes – recorded and published with his own illustrations and commentaries lecture two cycles: "About various forces of nature" (in 1860) and "The Chemical history of the candle" (in 1861). The last book was repeatedly translated in different languages.

Ілюстрація з книги Джейн Марсе Бесіди про хіміюIn the fund of rare and valuable books of Scientific and technical library named G.I. Denisenko saved Ukrainian translation of "History of Candles", that published in 1931 in Odessa in the series of "Learning the technique." In the preface of the book states: "... In a small book, published in England in 1861, Faraday was able to find out a perfect presentation of the most important chemical phenomena, showing them in a number of the many simple, but very ingenious experiments that show him as an extraordinary outstanding experimenter. Many of these experiments included since for general use, and they always show in schools, while studying chemistry."

In six lectures the scientist tells in detail about all the properties of candles, completing the cycle with these words: "Saying goodbye, I will tell you at last: I wish you throughout your life you were like candles ... were a source of light for those who around you ... "

The book is a perfect example of popular science literature published in Ukraine in 20-30 years of XX century for students and young people exactly Ukrainian language.

Marina Miroshnichenko, the head of Department of rare and valuable publications of STL