Summer School of Mechatronics 2016

Ukrainian Olympiad "Mechatronics in mechanical engineering" last year was one of the most popular in Ukraine. It is visited the Academy of Municipal Administration, Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies, Kremenchug National University. M.Ostrohradskoho, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, as representatives and observes. They took the initiative of the Summer School of Mechatronics.

The management our University and the Institute of modernization educational content supported the initiative. Unexpectedly for the organizers of applications for participation in the school several times higher than planned. Despite the expansion of the school to two streams registration participants had to stop another two months before the start of classes. Then participants performed upcoming homework, solved the basic problem on the basis of submitted examples of studied rules of construction schemes and their preparation using FluidSim.

Summer School "Mechatronics in Mechanical Engineering" was held in June. Every day from 9 to 18 pm, the participants mastered them new techniques and new theoretical approaches that work united for teaching stands firm Festo. Worked hard assistants - students of "KPI" A.Kosmyna, V.Sharipov, O.Kiryyenko, O.Rozumnyy, V.Smakovyy, V.Hrishnenko.

Each day began with checking homework and ended given a  new tasks. The exception was the last day of school, when the teachers have had no doubt acquired knowledge to students, and the last "examination" problem preceded the solemn presentation of certificates by the school. So without undue stress, as true professionals, students gathered last task constituted control algorithms for controller language STL, modernized management application system with 5 executive pneumatic devices for individual tasks, complementary operating modes of the system debug mode and ruch¬noho control.

At home, participants went home tired but with new knowledge and skills certified certificates Summer School "Mechatronics in engineering."

AS Hanpantsurova, O.P.Hubarev, Summer school coordinators