Ukraine Cup of volleyball was won by the team from KPI

The strongest ukrainian volleyball team from KPI, which last year has won a gold medal champions in VI National Games veterans sports, has won the Cup of Ukraine 2015 and became known as a champion team "professors of KPI", this year also proved the status of the strongest team not only in Ukraine. "Professors of KPI" spring the team has won all contenders at the prestigious International volleyball tournament in 2016 in Lviv and hot summers also has won all rivals in final competition 2016 an has won the Ukraine Cup, organized by the Association of Veterans volleyball of Ukraine on the sports fields of the resort. Koblevo on the Black Sea. The final championship games prior to the race in all regions of Ukraine. The Team from KPI has successfully passed the regional selection and has won the right to participate in the finals of the Cup of Ukraine. In the finals, including the qualifying round, thousands of volleyball players took part in, many fans supported them, and we were happy to feel the support of fans also from other regions of Ukraine who are interested to read our booklet about NTUU"KPI". Their support added to us strength to win a second transitional Cup of Ukraine, which again sparkled on the stands of sporting glory of NTUU"KPI".

Thrust in sport volleyball player of KPI known not only for his victories, they are also known in the scientific world thanks to the results of theoretical research practical implementations in topical areas of modern science in NTUU"KPI". Since sports activity promotes to increase sportsmanship and strengthening and preservation of health and also to increase activity in the scientific and creative activities. On the other hand, it is known that research sporting dynamics significantly help to increase the effectiveness of exercise training to improve sports skills. Nowadays, Olympic medals are obtained with optimized training exercises (i.e, brain training exercises for an athlete to the most effective control his muscular system). The concept of "optimally" is a mathematical concept, and therefore the optimal training exercises for each sport are built using mathematical and computer models of the dynamics of sports - the sports arena came science. For success of our team helps belief in sports longevity annual replenishment team by the same supporters from different faculties and the help trade union NTUU"KPI" and proper (scientific) organized regular training sessions in favorable conditions, university sports complex, which is open to all comers.

I.V Beyko, captain, academician of Higher School of Ukraine