17-19 November 2016 at the National Center for business and cultural cooperation "Ukrainian House" held Thirtieth International Exhibition "Education and career - Student Day 2016".

The jury of the exhibition in the "Publication of textbooks of new generation", taking into account expert advice of the Institute of modernization of educational content MON Ukraine for quality and content of textbooks and teaching aids new generation of authors honored with the Faculty of Electronics KPI after Igor Sikorsky highest award - "Grand Prix".

At the exhibition were presented books and textbooks authors KPI FEL after Igor Sikorsky and their co-authors - colleagues from public higher education institutions SHEE "Don NTU" NU "Lviv Polytechnic", Cherkasy NTU and the National University of Shipbuilding. Admiral Makarov:

- Study English professor. YM Floats "Physics active dielectrics" (Yuriy Poplavko "Physics of active dielectrics. Volume 1. Polarization, conduction, losses, breakdown. LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Saarbruken, Germany, 2015, 349 pages, Yuriy Poplavko" Physics of Active Dielectrics ". Volume 2. Piezoelectrics, pyroelectrics, ferroelectrics, phase transitions. LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Saarbruken, Germany, 2016, 251 pages);

- Microprocessor Technology: Textbook / V. Zhuikov, T.O. Tereshchenko, Y.S. Yamnenko. - 3rd ed., Revised. and reported. - Kyiv: "KPI". - Type-in ​​"Polytechnic", 2015. - 440 p.

- Circuitry: Digital Devices electronics: a textbook. In 2 Volumes / V.M. Ryabenkyy, V.Y. Zhuikov, Y.S. Yamnenko, A.V. Borisov. - Kyiv: "KPI" type-in ​​"Polytechnic", 2015. - Volume 1 - 400 sec. and type-in ​​"Polytechnic", 2015. - Volume 2. - 360 p.

- Basics of nanoelectronics: a textbook of 2 books. Book. 1 "Quantum-mechanical principles, structure and physical properties" / D.N. Zayachuk, Y. Yakimenko, A.T.Orlov, V.M. Singer, V.M. Smith - K .: The department, 2015. - 390 p.

- Basics of designing engineering registration information: Tutorial / Travnikovs E.M., Lazebny V.S. Vlasyuk G.G., Singer, V.M. Pilinskyy , V.B. Shvaychenko - K .: The department, 2015. - 284 p.

- Introduction to the profession of Electronics and Computer Engineering / Dawn A.A .Lukashenko, V.M. Spivak, Wool O.V. Chychuzhko M.V., I.A. Zubko by A. Wool  Tutorial: - Pokrovskiy: SHEE "Don NTU", 2016. - 312 p.

- Power supply systems and energy efficiency of power filters: Monograph / M.Y. Artemenko - K .: Avers, 2016. - 214 p .: il.

Congratulations to the authors whose work has got the international educational exhibition "Grand Prix"!

Victor Singer, Assoc. Sound technics department and registration information

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