Polytechnics commemorated the memory of their friends perished on Maidan and in the East of Ukraine

A day before the Defender of Ukraine Day, students and teaching staff of NTUU "Igor Sikorsky KPI" commemorated the memory of those perished on Maidan and in military actions in the East of Ukraine.

After the third period, polytechnics gathered at the museum square near the monument to Igor Sikorsky to celebrate the Defender of Ukraine Day and commemorate the memory of students and fellow workers of the university who put their lives for freedom and independence of Ukraine. Ceremony participants walked to the Temple of St. Nikolas who is a patron saint of KPI. After improvised meeting, they put flowers to the monument to the Heroes of Heavens Hundred.

Rector, academician of Ukrainian NAS, Mykhailo Zgurovsky, former minister of the Youth and Sport of Ukraine, ATO veteran,  KPI graduate, Dmytro Bulatov , 2-year student of the Faculty of Electronics, ATO veteran, Kyrylo Buntov, students and fellow workers of the university were present at the ceremony.

«Some time ago it was thought that Ukrainians live according to the rule "it is no business of mine". But after events on Maidan and the beginning of war I saw it’s not true. It’s not like that indeed. And people who died proved it having put their lives. It imposes much greater responsibility. We must behave in the way that their families were sure that they died not for nothing" - said Dmytro Bulatov to those who came to commemorate the memory of heroes of Maidan and ATO.

Ceremony participants put some flowers to memorial boards to students and fellow workers of KPI who perished in the East of Ukraine as well as to heroes of Maidan, namely the graduate of the Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science, Hero of Ukraine, Sergii Bondarev in building №18 and student of the Faculty of Sociology and Law, Hero of Ukraine, Yurii Popravka in the building №19.