New Year's attributes

Christmas and New Year – are  special holidays, with deep traditions and their roots far in the past. That tradition is carried through generations. During Christmas and New Year I want to feel the warmth and comfort of home, gather in the family. I want to decorate the Christmas tree, as my mother; bake pies that once at this holiday baked grandmother; spend a weekend with childrenas our parent  spent with us.

In the New Year celebrations have own signs (attributes) that allow you to experience the unique atmosphere and memories become unique to us and our children: fluffy beautiful tree that smells fresh; Christmas wreath symbolizing the wheel of life without beginning or end; Winter bunch of twigs, toys and candles; Christmas bells announcing the festival and accompanying festivities.

Materials and facilities to create a New Year design of home now enough. One has only to dream, as did participants in the recent exhibition "Talents KPI", which presented artistic composition dedicated to the New Year and other holidays.

Новий рік та РіздвоV.S.Totkina, head of art galleries, marks a significant contribution to the organizational department of descriptive geometry, engineering and computer graphics in the preparation and holding of the exhibition "Talents KPI" that always delivers the most numerous exhibits and won prizes. The exhibition, which was held in November-December this year, was attended by 30 members of the Department who presented more than 50 works. Exhibitions Prizes were given to five teachers of the department.

The presence at our university of  exhibition "Talents KPI" allows our faculty and staff demonstrate their creativity and creates an atmosphere of goodness, kindness and understanding.

N.A.Parahina, lecturer of the Department of  Descriptive Geometry,Engineering and Computer Graphics