ММІ на міжнародному промисловому форумі

MMI at the International Industrial Forum

From 24 to 27 November 2015 in Kiev at the International Exhibition Centre was  held the largest industrial exhibition in Ukraine - XIV International Industrial Forum. The forum was held International specialized exhibition "Metal working. Tools. Plastics 2015".

Special interest and positive feedbacks are clearly caused by  MMI developments:

In this exhibition, the staff of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering, welding, chemical engineering and instrument-building  faculty presented the results of the latest scientific developments - innovative technical solutions and product samples.

1. Current model of race car was created by using innovative technical and technological solutions (head of scientific direction prof. A. Pasechnik);

2. Innovative technical solutions prepared for implementation in production (head of scientific direction prof. L.F.Holovko):

  • Production of bimetal, corrosion-resistant construction of shells petrochemical and nuclear power equipment; for the manufacture of anti-friction bearings; and with special properties for production units rocketry;
  • Producing laser processing holes in the aircraft engine parts with high performance and accuracy;
  • Two-beam laser metal forming spatial structures of complex configuration from sheet materials;
  • Improving the durability of details with help of solid lubrication;
  • Laser hardening of parts and tools with sharp carved edges  of wedge shape.

AK Skuratovsky, associate of MMI, participant of the exhibitionIn the photo: Professor A. Pasechnik and L.F.Holovko at exposure of MMI