On November 19 inhabitants of hostels of NTUU "KPI" elected the new chairman of student council of campus . 4 candidates took part in race for the right to hold this position: Vladislav Lyotkin, Vitaly Lukyanchuk, Alexander Parubets, Dmitry Vasilevsky.

With a big separation Vladislav Lyotkin (1126 voices) won. Vladislav already published the plan of action the next month on the page in a social network. Activity of the new chairman and his team will be directed ​​ on formation of the new contract on the settlement, a moniitoring of observance by administration of the instruction MON on ensuring the round-the-clock access for inhabitants to the hostel. Student council of a campus works and over improvement of conditions of accommodation, in particular plan to install trial system of water purification, and also a dump for distribution of waste. Vladislav considers an important task also improvement of the Internet in the territory of university: establishment of points of Wi-fi of access in hostels and work with Vodafon on establishment of 3G-antennas

Election campaign didn't do without small scandal. This year of the heads of Student council and student council of a campus of NTUU "KPI" choose at university on system of direct elections, that is on elections of student council of a campus have the right to vote all students and graduate students who live in it, and on elections of the chairman of student council of the hostel - all its inhabitants. The election commission made the decision on collecting student's signatures on permission to use of their personal information necessary for formation of electoral lists. However in each hostel instructions are completely observed. It led to that many students in lists didn't appear. Vladislav the first paid attention to a problem. However it was solved quickly, having allowed those voters who didn't get to lists, to vote behind any document (the admission, a record book, the student ID card) which confirms that they really are students from KPI. Thus it was most reduced possibility of falsifications.

Aleksandra Melnik, student of VPI