Today, most people can not imagine their lives without the Internet. According to the company Factum Group Ukraine (, June 2015, 59% of Ukrainians are active users, and 40-45% are buying goods online. Online marketing becomes more common.

Landing Page also called one-page site, or target Web-pages.  This is the final page advertising the sale of goods or services; Web page that worked in terms of SEO-optimization,  have good search result and strategy of online-advertising. Often these pages associated with social media, sending by e-mail or marketing compains to improve the effectiveness of advertising.

Generally image Web-site (portal) can be part of the Landing Page, can be web site page or special separate page. The main target of creation this Landing Pages – promoting and converting visitors to potential customers.

Usage of Landing Page begans from 2003, when the company wanted to increase online sales of Microsoft Office But they became more popular in 2009 in result of development of e-commerce and Cloud Computing.

Departments in the educational market

All those  who work in admission committee, understand that working with students and their parents has characteristics of market. And departments that take future students, for market success should have relevant promotional material.  Take into account the importance of the Internet and its prevalence, importance of Web sites of departments is doubtless.  But sites of departments are branding, so they give an information about the department, but sometimes this information is incomplete.  So, sometimes it is very problematic and even impossible for students and their parents   to find an  appropriate information about department.

Another significant disadvantage of such sites is that most are not focused on mobile devices, and as experience shows, young people work with smartphones and tablets.

In this regard, it was decided to create a Landing Page for the Department of System Engineering of IASA. The first variant was  created and presented in the Internet as subdomain of the site of department. (developed  D. Osiyuk  while working on the bachelor’s thesis under the guidance of associate professor O.P. Tsurina.) As a project manager I can say that without participation of department authorities and other professors this work would be very difficult. Note all professors of Department of SE of IASA have IP phones, and on the department is available e-mail sending to all professors, that allows to provide virtual communication and  quick correction of information.

The list of main questions are considered on the department’ Landing Page includes:

  1. Short history of the department.
  2. Who studies in this department and graduate employability.
  3. How graduates of this department differ from other graduates of another departments that work insimilar spheres.
  4. General department’ facilities and learning process.
  5. Execution of international programs.
  6. Professors’ sites and accessing to this sites.
  7.  Participations and students’ achievements in competitions.
  8. Examples of successful graduates and their reviews about the department.
  9. Location of the department and guidance of getting to this department.
  10. Information from faculty students resources.
  11. Means of communication and giving an access to social networks.
  12. Access to the site “Elektronny vstup”

This list may be extended but it depends on occurrence of relevant information.


Graphic design and media should be related to the subject of the site and attract visitors.

You should direct attention to the processing of photo information and possible usage of slideshow. It is better  to use Verdana or Arial fontwarefor main text and Times New Roman for headlines. A lot of Landing Pages is on HTML5 and CSS3. The site should be oriented to mobile devices.  By the way,  it it the requirements of Google, and the company recommends the means of their realization.


Landing Page may be an independent source, subdomain or section on the web site.


It is a known way of increasing popularity of the site. For fulfilling of promotion necessary to register meta tags (title, description, keyword). The analysis of the department's website indicates that a lot of them haven’t description and keyword. For Landing Page that meta tags are necessary.

What is forbidden to do on Landing Page:

  1. Use pop-up boxes.
  2. To add pages on Landing Page(Remember: you have only one page, one message and one purpose!)
  3. To write a lot of text.
  4. Randomly give an information.
  5. To choose colours incorrectly. They should be pleasant for users.

O.P.Tsurin associate professor of department of SE of IASA