The XX international scientific and technical conference "mechanics of fluids and gases in engineering practice" was held on May 27-28 at NTUU "KPI".

The session was attended by over 80 scientists and practitioners, 120 reports were presented and discussed.

On the opening day, participants heard 9 plenary papers: "the Main scientific directions and schools, presented at the conference "fluid Mechanics in engineering practice" (Ph. D., Professor A. M. Yakhno), "the Problem of improving the operational characteristics gear pumps" (chief designer of JSC "Hydrosila". V. Sukovic), "Heart – engineering solutions..." (MD, Professor, honored science and technology worker of Ukraine. V. B. Maximenko). "Methods for calculating flows poly-air-gas mixtures. A practical implementation of dedusting systems in the modern workplace" (Deputy Director of LLC "Sigma Engineering" S. E. Babich, Kiev), "Design of hydraulic machines of volumetric drives for mobile equipment" (Ph. D., Professor, A. I. Panchenko, Tavria state agrotechnological University, Melitopol), "Status and perspectives of renewable energy sources" (Ph. D., Professor, Deputy Director for scientific Affairs of the Institute of renewable energy of NASU, S. A., Kudrya, Kiev), "Theoretical and practical aspects of physics and chemical processes in water and solutions initiated by hydrodynamic cavitations" (Ph. D., Professor T. N. Vanko, Ternopil national technical University of Puluj), "Prospects of development of automation of agricultural production in Ukraine" (Ph. D. Professor, Director of NSC "Institute of mechanic electrical agriculture economy V. V. Adamchuk, Glevaha, Ukraine), "Achievements, current challenges and promising directions of development of the national school of hydrodynamics of discharge suspended threads" (Ph. D., Professor, Institute of geotechnical mechanics. N. S. Polyakov, NAS of Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk).

Later the researchers worked on the sections "Technical hydromechanics", "hydro-pneumatic actuator system and mechatronics", "Hydraulic and pneumatic machines, hydraulic transmission".

The conference hosted the grand opening of the laboratory for the study and design of volumetric hydraulic machines and hydraulic apparatus, developed at the Department of applied fluid dynamics and mechatronics IME NTUU "KPI" on the initiative and with the funding of "Hydrosila group" – one of the largest manufacturers of positive displacement hydraulic machines and hydraulics in Eastern Europe.

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