Irina Shekhovtsov's "Autumn Rhapsody"

9-30 September 2014, a solo exhibition "Autumn Rhapsody"  of Irina Shekhovtsov - Senior Lecturer in Management Department of  Faculty of Management and Marketing, Head of the art studio FMM "Innovation"- was held at the Art Gallery of NTUU"KPI". The exhibition featured 39 oil paintings.

Topics are diverse - flowers, landscapes, London, Venice ... Irina is constantly experimenting, looking for new subjects and styles to express them the best way. She started to draw by a pencil and gouache, then by oil paints, and later - in watercolor.

She started to draw in the adulthood. Perhaps it was the realization of subconscious desires early childhood, when she first saw the works of her granddad Gregory Dyadchenko - a student of the founder of the Ukrainian school of painting Alexander Murashko. Or maybe it is a heredity -  the another famous artist - Photios Krasitsky, grandnephew of Taras Shevchenko was between her relatives. But of course, that Irina's  love of fine arts  is from the family, because the ability to see the beauty around them is laid in childhood, by loved ones.

Every story about herself, about how she started to draw, on her paintings, how they are born, Irina starts by the words about the beauty of the world: "In the summer I visited the Carpathian Mountains, the Black Sea and wanted to show the beauty of what I saw on paper ... "; "Looking at the beauty of the world, its diversity, bright colors, I mentally drew ..."; "I went out in the morning to the garden, saw cherry blossom, took an easel, paints, brushes and painted from nature ...".

However, now, gaining some experience she less draws from nature. Being in nature, she contemplates the beauty,  remembers impressions, makes photographs, and then translates these impressions on the canvas, while browsing photos. She never was in Venice, but there were her children. They brought a lot of photos,  shared with her their impressions and all that Irina displayed at the paintings in the exhibition.  She never was in London too. But, as we all do, read the Sherlock Holmes stories, seen films and in her way depicted " Professor Moriarty's  London."

Her students, being at her exibition at CCA several years ago, asked her to teach them to draw. And as a real teacher she can not refuse.  So there was an art studio "Innovation". FMM students under the guidance of I.A.Shehovtsovoi here once a week improve their knowledge and skills in painting, drawing, arts and crafts, art photography. The Studio annually participate in exhibitions and competitions "Talents KPI", and many of them are winners of it. So, thanks to the work of those who see, appreciates and knows how to create beauty, it gets bigger.

We wish Irina Anatolievna and her students creative inspiration to make the world better and more beautiful.

M. Petrenko