The students of the department of SAEDS on the exhibition NAS of Ukraine

The students of the department of SAEDS on the exhibition NAS of Ukraine

On the 20th of November it was autumn, cool, rainy day, but that did not stop us, the undergraduate students from the department of scientific, analytical and ecological devices and systems IMD (head - prof. and Ph.D. V.A. Poryev), to visit an exhibition dedicated to the 95th anniversary of the NAS of Ukraine. We were not mistaken in our expectations. In addition, we were accompanied, explained and supplemented by scientist prof. V.P. Maslov.

So when we arrived at the National Exhibition Centre, the first thing that surprised us was a live orchestra that was colored by autumn day with a positive. Arrangements are already in the same pavilion: an exhibition of farmers, I am convinced that it's interesting, but we go on. Prof. V.P. Maslov leads us to the stand of the V.Ye.Lashka Physics Institute of semi conductors and tells that the device based on the phenomenon of plasmon resonance, was first made ​​in Ukraine. The high sensitivity of the instrument allows to use it in medicine, food industry, environment and so on. Then we come to the stand of  H.V.Kurdyumov Metal Physics Institute: amorphous (not crystalline) metal hyperfine tape, which is obtained in terms of ultrafast cooling generation here especially impressed us. This state of the metal gives it superior magnetic properties and allows you to make a small and powerful electromagnet. They demonstrated us how the tape loses the properties of amorphous-body and the wave of crystallization can be easily observed. After meaningful communication forging representatives of the Institute gave me a business card, guaranteed employment offer and also decent wages.

Science Center of aerospace research of the Earth's geological Institute of NAS of Ukraine demonstrated the results of the evaluation areas and shelf areas to seek oil and gas, and we just learned about this subject for course "GIS technology."

In short notes it is very difficult to cover everything that you saw for three hours. In summary, to emphasize that the anniversary exhibition of NAS of Ukraine gave us an opportunity to understand that the achievement and development of national scientific responsibility correspond, and in some cases even outgoes the global level. We got some new knowledge, became familiar with advanced technology perspective, talked to producers of modern appliances and realized that despite of the difficult state of science in Ukraine, the demand for specialists in the engineering profession is and will be in the future, because Ukraine stands in the way of innovation technology development.

It's nice that our teachers always give us a helping hand, inviting us to such measures, and by their example inspire us to creative learning and research.

Roman Filonchuk, Undergraduate from the department of SAEDS
Translator: Микуляк Жанна ЛА-11