The Open Students' Mathematical Olympics took place in NTUU “KPI” on March 26. This event is organized yearly by the Department of Mathematical Analysis and Probability Theory of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, as part of the first stage of the All-Ukrainian Students' Mathematical Olympics for students of higher education institutions.

This year, over 350 students of different years from 20 faculties and institutes of NTUU “KPI” took part in the Olympics to demonstrate their knowledge of mathematics. The most numerous teams came from the Faculty of Information Technology and Computer Engineering (FITCE), Institute of Physics and Technology (IPT), Institute of Special Communications and Information Security, Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IASA) and Institute of Telecommunicational Systems (ITS). Students from the Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University and the Dragomanov National Pedagogical University also took part in the competition. The Olympics are preceded each year by a preparatory tour, where all willing applicants are accepted (in December 2013 those numbered well over 500).

As each year, the Olympics were held in two categories – for the first year and the senior students. Among first year students the best results were held by Catherine Matviyiv (IASA, group KA-31), the second place went to Denys Drabchuk (Faculty of Applied Mathematics, group KM-32), and the third place was contested by Anna Zelikman (IASA, group KA-35), Ruslan Gunavardana (FITCE, group IP-31), Vyacheslav Komisarenko (IASA, group KA-31) and Vitaly Dominichenko (FITCE, group IS-31). For the senior years, the first place went to Evheniy Polischuk (IASA, group KA-02), the second place – to Volodymyr Mykhailovskyi (IASA, group KA-21), and the third place remained contested by Olexandr Mykhailyuk (IASA, group KA-23), Dmytro Zavadskyi (Shevchenko National University) and Ihor Khanov (Shevchenko National University).

The winner among the technical faculties' students' was Ruslan Gunavardana (FITCE, group IP-31), the second place was claimed by Vitaly Dominichenko (FITCE, group IS-31), and the third place was contested by Ihor Kasyanov (FITCE, group IP-31) and Martha Fedyshyn (FITCE, group IS-32). The results of the Olympics, the exercises and their solutions are posted to the Department of Mathematical Analysis and Probability Theory's website

The winners of the Olympics were awarded their honorary diplomas and the deluxe edition of the Olympics' exercise book on April the 4th. Y.I. Yakymenko, the First Vice-rector and head of the Olympics organization committee, handed the awards. He congratulated the winners and wished them new heights and successes – both at the competitions to follow and at their scientific pursuits.

Along with this, the Professor V.V. Buldygin Prize was awarded. The prize was awarded for the second time, and this year's winners were IASA students Catherine Matviyiv and Evheniy Polischuk, who were awarded honorary diplomas and commemorative medals. N.O. Pidsukha, Professor Buldygin's widow, warmly greeted the prize winners.

The staff of the Department of Mathematical Analysis and Probability Theory, for many years, had successfully organized mathematical Olympics in our university, and had oversaw the preparation of many talented young students for mathematical competitions of different levels. A students “Nonstandard and Olympics Algebra and Analysis Exercises” club is active in the Department. The periods are held separately for the first year and senior students for better coverage of different topics based on the learning material covered. The club members in just the last few years were prize winners of the most prestigious international and All-Ukrainian mathematical Olympics for more than 30 times.

A.B. Illenko and I.V. Orlovskyi, associate professors of the Department of Mathematical Analysis and Probability Theory
Translator: Соловйов Нікіта ЛА-11

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