Seminar on digitization of historical, cultural and scientific heritage

November 25-26, the first international scientific seminar on digitization of historical, cultural and scientific heritage, stored in archives, museums, libraries and private collections in Ukraine was held in the State Polytechnic Museum NTUU "KPI . Its organization was helped by STB of G.I.Denisenko NTUU"KPI", photo archive of Fratelli Alinari (Florence, Italy), specialized center "BALI" Ltd., with the support of EuropeanaPhotography Project.

The problems, connected with the digital representation and integration in the European catalog of digitized heritage collections and archives EUROPEANA photos and negatives stored in almost all cultural institutions, scientific and educational institutions, media, industrial organizations, in private collections and family archives, and is a national resource documentary photographs reflecting the history of our country, were in the focus of the seminar.

EUROPEANA - European electronic resource, opened since 2008. By that time it has 2 million digitized objects (paintings, books, films, records and photographs). Now there are more than 23 million objects in it. This project was initiated by the European Commission under the program to improve access to electronic content, the main server of the electronic library located in the Netherlands.

More than 120 participants came from 15 cities in Ukraine and four European countries, among them representatives of museums, archives, libraries, research institutions, commercial companies, and students. All of them had the opportunity to get acquainted with the international best learning practices of digitization technologies, the formation and integration of digital collections, as well as methods of their distribution and use thanks to Andrea de Polo - a specialist in the field of digitization of documentary photographs of the Europian oldest Fratelli Alinari photographic archive, Hilari Roberts - chief curator photo archives of the Imperial War Museum (London, UK), Hope Brakker - a specialist in the field of muzeums informatization (Moscow, Russia), Tatiana Mersadikova - specialist information systems and digital resources in the field of culture and archival work (Sant-Petersburg, Russia), Nina Avdeeva - Deputy Director for Information tehnology Russian Association of Electronic libraries (Moscow, Russia).Olga Barkova - Deputy Chairman of the Technical Committee of Standardization of Ukraine "Information and Documentation" (Kiev), by her report "Ukrainika in Europeana: the initiative and experience the connection of digital document-domain of Ukraine to the European integrated directory EUROPEANA" suggested the practical side of Ukraine's entry into the European catalog. State Politechnic Museum prepared, according the requirements of the European catalog, pilot project - a collection of KPI photos of the early twentieth century and shared its experiences with colleagues.

Successful and constructive seminar work was provided with simultaneous interpretation, which was carried out by the students of the Faculty of Linguistics of the University - Oksana Gorbatyuk Anna Zoschuk, Alexander Ilyin, Julia Shnip. Seminar participants are grateful to them and to the head - Olga Pavlovna Demidenko.

The seminar was supplied by new multimedia tool - new screen (pictured), which was installed by the company "BDM", specializing in the manufacture of projection systems. The new system allows to show the presentations at the same time on three fields, to supplement their materials in the online mode, and at the same time to have feedback from the audience to determine the content and relevance of the performance. The screen is unique, hand-built and is a prototype of the next serial screens of "BDM", which is an official partner Science Park "Kyiv Polytechnic" and its director Anton Galyashinsky - a former student of our university.

The seminar results were summarized using the new technology and were shown the unanimous opinion of the need for further training of digital representation and integration in the European catalog as full partners.

L.S.Ilyasova, scientific secretary of the SPM NTUU "KPI"