Visit of Boston College delegation, USA

Boston College delegation, headed by master of Physical college of arts and sciences department of this educational institution doctor Michael Nowton, took place from 4th to 7th of March in NTUU “KPI”
Founded in 1863 Boston College is one of the most famous universities of USA for the time being and takes 31st place among American universities in “America's Best Colleges 2013: National Universities” ranking. 14 and a half thousand students and postgraduate students from 60 countries of the world study here. Their training in natural, technical, economic, liberal and arts sciences is conducted in two colleges and seven schools. Of course, delegation in KPI consisted of experts of those departments, whose activities concern branches, in which their Kiev colleagues work successfully.

The aim of visit of Boston College representatives is closer familiarity witn NTUU “KPI” and discussion of possibilities of expanding of collaboration with its institutes and departments.
Exactly expanding, because scientists of our universities began to collaborate with each other. In the scope of project, which is being financed for account of grant, given from American fund CRDF, they work on development of new generation solar elements. KPI is introduced by microelectronics department, and they have achieved great results. So during this visit, guests got acquainted not only with historical part of the university campus and exposition in National Polytechnic Museum under NTUU “KPI”, but also with the equipment and operation of university “X-ray diffraction analysis laboratory of NTUU “KPI” - RIGAKU”, “Ukrainian-Japanese Express Microscopy laboratory of NTUU “KPI” and “Tokyo Boeki Technology Ltd” company, interdepartmental electronic microscopy laboratory.

Michael Nowton also headed a lecture for students of two departments – electronics and physical engineering, dedicated to question of operation and technology of nanocoaxial cables. This nanocaxial cables have the same structure as simple coaxial cables, but their diameter is bigger than length of light wave. They can transmit electromagnetic waves of light range on a particular distance and can be used in data transmission systems, solar batteries and in some other modern electronic devices. Master of Physical college of arts and sciences department of this educational institution doctor Michael Nowton is one of the authors of works on such technologies, published several years ago in American journal “Applied Physics Letters”, so Kiev students of “KPI” could receive answers on their questions from scientist, who now is one the main experts in the world. There were a lot of questions and lecture converted into live communication on several aspects of implementation and application such type of gadgets.

Results were summarized on 7th of March during the meeting, on which first pro-rector of National Science Academy of Ukraine (NSAU) Juriy Jukimenko and pro-rector of international links correspondent of NSAU Sirgey Sidorenko tok part. One of the main questions, being discussed by its members, was the decision of collaborating between NTUU “KPI” and Boston College in the sphere of microelectronics, nanotechnology and nanomaterials and arrangement of joint researches. Since the visit has shown, that subject area of some works of sciences of our universities in these spheres is rather close, concordance of their programs, exchange of corresponding information and even samples of materials could very useful. Not less beneficial could bring the academic exchanges between Boston College and KPI. Though, in order to make the operation in this direction effective, memorandum or collaboration agreement should be made, noted the first pro-rector Juriy Jukimenko. So members of the meeting decided to prepare such document and get down to its realization in the near future.