Distance education: confusion or help for teacher?

Distance learning is a modern and promising form of providing educational services, which successfully operates in NTUU "KPI". Efficiently created online courses simplify the learning process of the relevant disciplines and provide the individual nature of disciplines. In particular, we had the opportunity to see all advantages of distance learning this winter, when the resident courses were stopped . This article is about the experience of implementation of distance learning in educational process at FMM.

After finishing the qualification upgrading courses in the educational-methodical complex "Institute of postgraduate education NTUU "KPI" according to the programs "Creating and using web resources academic disciplines, the Development of distance learning courses using the Moodle platform, Design the WEB page of the teacher" I developed original distant courses in the discipline of "Marketing small business", "Brand management", "Marketing of insurance services", "Marketing research in innovation", "marketing Basics" (for technical brunch) and "Consultation on the graduate thesis for bachelors" the first two of which have already received the stamp "Recommended by the methodical Council NTUU "KPI" and the certificate of the Ukrainian Institute for Information Technologies in Education NTUU "KPI" (UIITE). After the implementation of these courses in learning process, I conducted marketing research of their effectiveness, which results I would like to present.

At the beginning of 2010 was the first time I offered students supportive option of learning using the courses developed on the basis of the e-learning Moodle platform. Then the percentage of those who were able to take advantage of them barely reached 21% among the students of the correspondence form of learning, 93% of students of full-time education and 100% among the students of concurrent education. However, at the end of 2011 – beginning of 2012, the rate was 64% among the students of the correspondence form of training and 100% among the students of full-time education. These facts suggest that our students have the ability and willingness to use the latest information technologies and communications in learning process. And in their turn they expect the same from us, teachers.

According to the portal data "BFM.RU" the level of technical perfection of humanity will be accelerated, by law exponent, which is the basis of the theory of technological singularity. According to the forecasts of the American scientist and futurologist Thomas Frey, the profession of teacher can disappear entirely by 2030.

Due to the movement of Open Course Ware which was founded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, great number of distant courses appeared in Internet at free access. Today, according to "RBC daily", they were downloaded over 130 million times. Of course, the forecast of the futurist can make us, teachers, anxiety about their future. These fears are natural, but according to marketing theory, temporary!

Firstly, the development and continuous improvement of distance courses provides us the opportunity to be accessible to different student audiences on different continents. This will significantly increase the export of our educational services.

Secondly, the increase of plagiarism of our copyright materials uploaded to the Internet as content of the distance course causes alarm. On the one hand, it actualizes the need for legislative regulation of norms for the protection of copyright. On the other, the conditions of the rapid deterioration sometimes dishonest competition forced us not to stop, to cultivate, but beat the competition and make new discoveries .

Moreover, the implementation of distance learning courses is highly appreciated by direct customers of our teaching services -students. In students’ opinion, online courses do not have emotions, subjective attitude of the teacher to the students and are very transparent for evaluation of knowledge. E-learning platform Moodle accurately tracks and captures the dynamics of the learning activities of each student during the semester. Remote seminar, webinar or scientific forum develop in the students the ability to interactively defending their own scientific position and prevents plagiarism, because it allows to test some of the suggestions the report through the search engines. At practical classes students learn to debate in "live format". Such "complexity", "structure" and "clarity" of the learning process is especially welcomed by the students. Online consultations are also popular among the students because it saves their time and money.

The effectiveness of individual work with teachers, I felt in my own experience while training in UIITE. Therefore, I take this opportunity to thank all the teachers and UIITE IPE NTUU "KPI" for the received-to-date knowledge and effective tools of teaching. Sincere gratitude to Yu. M. Bogachkova, M. I. Ivchenko, N. In.Goncharenko, A. A. Pavlovsky, L. F. Yarmolovich, S. A. Blagovirna for the professional advice and consultation.

Of course, the creation of distance courses requires teachers laborious but interesting work connected with processing of new technologies, preparation of appropriate materials, setting up courses under the author's method of teaching, constant support and updating. But the rapid development of information technology cannot be stopped. Today, pupils in second form start to learning computer science. In 10 years this generation will be not enough to see the teachers of NTUU "KPI" with chalk at the blackboard...

N. In.Yudina, Ph. D. in Economics, senior lecturer FMM