The sculpture - seven-meter stack of books topped with the academic cap (bonet) - was opened in the KPI. The name of the wooden sculpture, which stands near the University historic building №1 is "Stages of knowledge." Therefore, there is no need to explain the content of allegory - the symbolism is quite clear. Thus, the university park, which has long been a favorite holiday destination not only for students and employees KPI, but for residents of all the surrounding streets, was added with another interesting sculpture.

Note that, until recently, this art object was just a hundred years old broken beech tree. Its fragments the University administrative services were about to demolish. However, at the initiative and with the financial assistance of Bohdan Andriytseva- the resident of a house, which is located nearby, the mutilated tree was turned into a work of art. This was done by a young sculptor Egor Zigura. His brother Nikita Zigura and Alexander Luzan helped him in this work. University leadership willingly supported the idea, and 16 November polytechnics and concerned people of Kiev were able to assess the results of their work, which lasted almost two months. And this evaluation, judging by the applause, was the most! By the way, the monument, according to participants of the ceremony, the chief editor of "Fine Arts" Olga Sobkovich, went further and extremely modern, because such a combination of wood and metal, as our "Stages ..." is widely used at present in the plastic arts .

Symbolically, the unveiling of the monument is almost coincided with the Day of the student, which is celebrated on 17 November. Therefore, the Rector of NTUU "KPI" Michael Zgurovsky congratulated all the participants in a clearing, where now "Stages of knowledge" is located, not only with their official opening, but on this holiday.

And though not all who listened him, are now students (for some it's already past, and for someone - future) - everyone during this not very formal ceremony got a good mood and set up for good. But students KPI, of course, got another visible impulse for learning. It will be great to put on a silk bonnet and academic gown in a graduation day.

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