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NTUU "KPI" is the leader of Ukrainian technical universities as rated by the "Correspondent" magazine

2013.04.05 NTUU "KPI" is the leader of Ukrainian technical universities as rated  by the "Correspondent" magazine

The magazine "Correspondent"on April, 5 announced a rating of Ukrainian universities , based on the attitude of employers to their graduates.

With its compliance the staff referred to the best and most successful companies - both national and overseas those who have their own representation in Ukraine. Questions about which university graduates they prefer to hire, i.e. which universities provide higher quality education in the relevant specialties, were answered by the HR experts of these companies.

During the survey experts were asked to name from one to five schools in six professional areas : law, economics and finance, marketing, public relations and advertising , IT, engineering and humanities .

For each reference from the employer, university received one point. Universities got the ranking place according to the total number of points they received from the experts .

Thus , the overall rating of the top 10 universities in Ukraine is as follows :

Place Institution Balls Founded
1 Kyiv National University. Shevchenko 89 1834
2 Kyiv-Mohyla Academy 60 1632
3 Kyiv Polytechnic Institute 51 1898
4 Kyiv National Economic University. Hetman 49 1906
5 Law Academy of Ukraine . Yaroslav the Wise 21 1804
6 Lviv Polytechnic 15 1844
7 National Aviation University 12 1933
8 Lviv National University. Ivan Franko 11 1661
9 Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute 11 1885
10 National Pedagogical University . Drahomanova 7 1834

Ratings universities for training in IT and engineering professions led National Technical University of Ukraine " Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" are :

Place Institution Balls
1 Kyiv Polytechnic Institute 22
2 Kyiv National University. Shevchenko 10
3 Lviv Polytechnic 7
engineering specialties
Place Institution Balls
1 Kyiv Polytechnic Institute 21
2 Lviv Polytechnic 7
3 Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute / National Aviation University 5/5

The survey involved representatives of 29 companies operating in Ukraine : Carlsberg Ukraine, Ernst & Young, Google Ukraine , JT International Ukraine JSC, life :), L'Oreal, Nemiroff, Platinum Bank, PwC, Samsung, Terrasoft, UniCredit, Unilever, Heather , Will , Kyivstar, Nestle in Ukraine , KPMG in Ukraine, Kraft Foods Ukraine , Metinvest Holding, Metro Cash & Carry Ukraine , MHP , MTS , Obolon, SUN InBev Ukraine , Smart -Holding , STB , Ukrsibbank , ESTA Holding .

The magazine "Correspondent" and Osvita.UA


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