Scientific publications

University issues a number of periodicals, thematic orientation of which corresponds to the main areas of its organization departments.

Name Department
Scientific and technical journal "Science news of NTUU “KPI”" Science and Research
The journal "Chemical Engineering, Environment and Resource Saving" Faculty of Chemical Engineering
Magazine "Pages of History" Faculty of Sociology and Law
Collection of "NTUU"KPI" Bulletin”. Political Science. Sociology. Law"
Collection of "NTUU"KPI" Bulletin. Philosophy. Psychology. Pedagogy”
Collection of "NTUU"KPI" Bulletin. Mining. " Institute for Energy Saving and Energy Management
Collection of scientific works "The Economic Bulletin of NTUU" KPI " Faculty of Management and Marketing
Collection of "Actual Problems of Economics and Management"
Collection of "Modern Problems of Economics and Business"
Collection of "Mechanics of Gyroscopic Systems" Faculty of Aviation and Space Systems
Collection of "Information Systems. Mechanics and Control
Collection of "Bulletin of NTUU " KPI ". Mechanical Engineering" Institute of Mechanical Engineering
Collection of "Bulletin of NTUU " KPI ". Instrument Engineering" Faculty of Instrument Engineering
Collection of "Bulletin of NTUU " KPI ". Informatics, Management and Computer Science" Faculty of of Informatics and Computer Technics
Collection of scientific works "Technology and Typography Engineering” Publishing and Printing Institute
Collection “New education” Faculty of Linguistics
Collection Bulletin NTUU ”KPI”. Philology, Pedagogics”
Collection of scientific works “From the history of technics” State Polytechnics Museum
Inter-faculties journal “Energy: economics, technology, ecology” Institute for Energy Saving and Energy Marketing, Faculty of Heat Power Engineering, Faculty of Electric Power Engineering and Automation
Collection “Information Technology and Security” Institute of Special Communication and Information Protection
International Scientific and Technical Journal "Systems Research and Information Technologies" Institute for Applied System Analysis
International Journal "Information and Telecommunication sciences" Institute of Telecommunication Systems
Interdepartmental Scientific-Technical Digest of "Adaptive Systems for Automated Control" Institute of System Technologies
Science and Technology Digest of "Legal, Regulatory and Metrological Support of Information Protection Systems in Ukraine" BTS of systems of technical protection of information
Collection of "Bulletin of NTUU " KPI ". Radio engineering, radio equipment construction Faculty of Radio Engineering
International peer-reviewed scientific journal "Radioelectronics and Communications Systems"
Scientific and technical journal "Electronics and Communications" Faculty of Electronics
Ukrainian magazine "Biomedical Engineering" Bio-Medical Engineering Faculty
"Proceedings of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of Ukraine" Academy of Engineering Sciences
Journal "Metal science and metal processing" Engineering and Physics Faculty
Magazine "Industrial power engineering and electrical engineering" Research Institute of automation and energy “Energy”