International Collaboration Department

General information:

The International Collaboration Department provides organizational, methodical and representative support for University's international cooperation.

International cooperation, foreign economic activities of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute are effectuated in accordance with active legislation of Ukraine, the Statute of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and University's standard legal system.

Department Management:

Vice-Rector for Scientific and Educational Work (Foreign Affairs):
Prof. Sergii I. SYDORENKO
Tel.: +38 044 204 91 99
Fax: +38 044 236 09 92
E-mail: sidorenko[at]
С. Сидоренко
ICD Deputy Head (Protocol and International Relations):
Tel.: +38 044 204 91 99
Fax: +38 044 236 09 92
E-mail: e.pol[at]
Поліщук Євген Іванович
ICD Deputy Head (International Projects and Information Support of International Activities):

Prof. Serhii M. SHUKAYEV
Tel./fax: +38 044 204 80 19
E-mail: s.shukayev[at]
ШУКАЄВ Сергій Миколайович
ICD Deputy Head (Information Support and Overarching Administration of International Activities):
Kseniia V. YUDKOVA
Tel./fax: +38 044 204 94 67
ЮДКОВА Ксенія Володимирівна

Main tasks of the ICD are the following:

  • coordination of activities of University's departments in terms of international cooperation;
  • development of the network of joint structural subdivisions in conjunction with international organizations;
  • follow-up of international agreements and projects concluded at a state level;
  • interaction with government agencies in terms of employment of foreign specialists in KPI;
  • establishment of the network of international offices at heads of subdivisions as drivers of international activities;
  • training and coordination of work of project managers of subdivisions;
  • organization and support provided for subdivisions to launch the "Double Diploma" program ("Diploma of Two Partner Universities");
  • assistance to bodies of student self-government in terms of the establishment of the system of international activities, intensification of international communication and mobility;
  • etc.

ICD Structure:

The following offices ensure operation of the ICD:

  • International Relations and Protocol Support Office
  • International Relations Office
  • Organizing Office of International Activities
  • International Projects Office
  • Foreign Economic Activity Office
  • Office of Information Support and Overarching Administration of International Activities