Institute of Education Quality Monitoring

Director: Perestyuk Maria M.
Address: room 123, Bldg. 16, 14, Polytechnichna Str., Kyiv, 03056.
Tel: 204-85-80, 204-90-53
e-mail: eqmi[at]

Departments of the institute

  1. Center of testing and monitoring of knowledge
  2. High School Monitoring Department
  3. Preparatory department

Logotype of the Institute of Education Quality Monitoring of NTUU Institute of Education Quality Monitoring of National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute" is established by the order of the Rector of NTUU "KPI" in 2005.

Institute is the basic educational - scientific subdivision of NTUU "KPI" for independent monitoring of the quality of training in NTUU "KPI" and for pre-university training (Ministry of Education of Ukraine License: Series AB, № 048905 from 22.06.2006)

Objectives and main activities of the institute

1. Objectives of the Institute:

  1. organization jointly with relevant departments and the Department of Academic Affairs of NTUU "KPI" scientific - methodical principles and techniques of higher education quality monitoring;
  2. organization and conduction of regular independent monitoring of the quality of training in NTUU "KPI" and the formation of the basis of recommendations to improve all components of the educational process;
  3. organization and conduction of systematic independent Rector monitoring of remaining knowledge;
  4. conduction of targeted educational, academic, scientific, technical, career-oriented, organizational and informational activities in the field of pre-university training.

2. The main activities of the Institute:

2.1. Education Quality Monitoring:

  1. creation jointly with relevant departments of NTUU "KPI" of databases of diagnostic quality of the educational process in NTUU "KPI»;
  2. formation of a databases of independent experts;
  3. conduction of basic and applied research on education quality monitoring;
  4. development and introduction of new technologies and methods for monitoring the quality of education;
  5. information support of the introspection of NTUU "KPI" of the quality of education in preparation for external control procedures (certification, accreditation, etc.);
  6. development and implementation of measures to create a system of education quality assurance in NTUU "KPI" according to the state education standards, criteria and indicators of national and European accreditation systems and procedures for international recognition of educational programs.

2.2. Educational activities:

  1. organization and conduction of the educational process in the system of pre-university training;
  2. development, examination, analysis and synthesis of education - professional, educational, scientific and methodical planning and pre-university preparation programs;
  3. development and working out jointly with the Admissions Committee of efficient procedures for the selection of talented youth to join the NTUU "KPI»;
  4. implementation and development of distance learning;
  5. organizing and conducting in cooperation with relevant institutions and departments complex competitions of NTUU "KPI».

2.3. Methodology and research activities:

  1. conducting scientific-methodological and analytical studies on monitoring the quality of education;
  2. development of activities and corresponding implementation framework of monitoring the quality of higher education in NTUU "KPI»;
  3. development and implementation of effective educational technologies and techniques in pre-university preparation;
  4. analysis and synthesis of local and foreign scientific - methodical achievements and advances in adaptive systems of testing new learning technologies, quality management systems of education;
  5. involvement in the organization of university, national and international scientific - methodical conferences, symposia, seminars, meetings, etc., due to the main activities of the Institute;
  6. development and publication of manuals, textbooks and other teaching materials, consistent in content and adapted to NTUU "KPI» study programs

2.4. Professionally orientated activities:

  1. implementation of early professional orientation among students;
  2. development of criteria and implementation of methods of detection of abilities and talents of students, making informed recommendations on their choice of a future profession;
  3. attraction of the most talented young students to research work on the basis of relevant departments of NTUU "KPI»;
  4. improving the forms of cooperation with a network of schools and educational institutions of the I and the II levels of accreditation in order to select talented youth to study in NTUU "KPI";
  5. publication and distribution together with the selection committee, institutes and departments of NTUU "KPI" of promotional material about the traditions and achievements of NTUU "KPI" and its divisions in education, research and international activities.