Academic Council Meeting: 17 May, 2021

On May 17, 2021, a regular meeting of the Academic Council of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute took place. Chairman Mykhailo Ilchenko headed the session. Before the beginning, he congratulated Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Svitlana Horobets, and Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Volodymyr Popov, on the jubilee and wished them good fortune. Unfortunately, after the previous meeting, an old-timer of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, the Academic Council member of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Head of the Department of Mathematical Physics (2005-2017), Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Stepan Ivasyshen passed away. The meeting observed a minute of silence in tribute to his memory. 

According to the First Vice-Rector Yurii Yakymenko, Professor Olga Linyucheva was appointed the Head of the Faculty of Chemical Technology. All seven FCT departments unanimously nominated her. The FCT staff (129 out of 140 participants) voted for her. Moreover, the expert commission supported Olga Linyucheva. Based on peoples' choice, the University Rector appointed Olga Linyucheva the Dean of the FCT and signed a contract with her for five years. The audience congratulated Olga Linyucheva and wished her success and prosperity in her work and research.  The colleagues also wished her to train high-quality specialists based on her experience as a scientist and organizer; continue the FCT and University glorious traditions. 

The next agenda item was election to the positions of department heads. Head of the Department of educational process quality Oleksii Zhuchenko reported on the issue. He said that the election took place for five years in one term. Oleksii Zhuchenko also announced the recommendations of the department and faculty staff and the Expert Commission of the University. Under the results of the vote count, Chairman of the Counting Commission Grygorii Tymchyk informed on the elected department heads: the Department of Organic Chemistry and Technology of Organic Compounds - Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor Andrii Fokin; the Department of Space Engineering – Candidate (Ph.D.) of Technical Sciences Oleksandr Marynoshenko; the Department of Biomedical Engineering - Doctor of Technical Sciences Vladyslav Shlykov; Department of Mathematical Methods of System Analysis - Doctor of Technical Sciences Oksana Tymoshchuk; Department of Automation of Heat and Power Engineering Processes - Doctor of Technical Sciences Volodymyr Voloshchuk; Department of Nuclear Power Stations and Engineering Thermal Physics - Doctor of Technical Sciences Valerii Tuz; Department of Printing Technology - Doctor of Technical Sciences Tetiana Kyrychok; Department of Graphic Arts - Doctor of Art Criticism Svitlana Olianina; Department of Geoengineering - Oksana Vovk; Department of Labor Protection, Industrial and Civil Safety - Doctor of Technical Sciences Oleh Levchenko; Department of History - Doctor of Historical Sciences Svitlana Kostylieva; Department of Renewable Energy Sources - Doctor of Technical Sciences Vasyl Budko; Department of Information and Measuring Technologies - Doctor of Technical Sciences Vladimir Eremenko; Department of Bioengineering and Biotechnics - Doctor of Technical Sciences Viktoriia Melnyk; Department of Electronic Computational Equipment Design - Professor Oleksandr Lysenko; Department of High Temperature Materials and Powder Metallurgy - Doctor of Technical Sciences Iurii (Yurii) Bogomol; Department of Welding Technology - Doctor of Technical Sciences Viktor Kvasnytskyi; Department of Smart Connection Technologies and Surface Engineering - Doctor of Technical Sciences Igor Smirnov. The Academic Council approved these appointments.

Scientific Secretary Valeriia Kholiavko informed the meeting participants about the recommendations on awarding academic titles. 

Yurii Yakymenko told on improving the University structure. One proposed to organize the system of physical education in two courses: compulsory theoretical "Fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle" and selective practical. The classes will include five directions and 15 sections of different sports. 1,700 students have already chosen this optional course. One also proposed to support the decision of the Academic Council of the FBME and the Accreditation Commission. Two existing departments - the Department of Physical Education and the Department of Sports Improvement - will emerge to create the Department of Health and Sports Technologies. After the discussion on the name of the new department, the meeting members adopted the proposed changes. 

Director of G.I. Denysenko Scientific and Technical Library of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Oksana Brui announced the outcomes of the library work in 2017-2020 and the Strategy Plan of the library for 2021-2025. During the discussion, Oksana Brui noted that the scientific and technical library works on modern trends. It also becomes a center of communication; the capacity of the library acquires up-to-date content. The meeting participants endorsed the results and approved the proposed Strategy Plan. 

Director of the Institute for Monitoring the Quality of Education Mariia Perestiuk notified about the comprehensive monitoring results of students' quality training at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (XXV round).

The meeting participants also considered other current issues and approved relevant decisions.