Результати прийому 2018

Enrolment results 2018

This year more than four thousand freshmen have joined Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. They will study in 42 specialties. The average competition at the university for budget studying was 8.54. Traditionally there is high competition for humanitarian faculties: FL - 42,7; FSP - 35.82; FMM - 16.84. Among the technical faculties, the leaders are IASA - 12,17; FPM - 12,15; FIOT - 12.04.

Most graduates of the pre-university education system (SDP) will study at TEF-85, IASA-83, FIOT-81 and FEL-54. Also, 71 graduates of the Technical Lyceum of KPI and 68 graduates of the Polytechnic Lyceum of KPI entered the first course in 2018.

The biggest competition for budget studying was in the following specialties: "Law" - 67.8 applications for a place, "Philology" (English) - 60.8; "Journalism" - 51,1; "Marketing" - 45,8; "Philology" (French) - 34,5; "Philology" (German) - 32,5. This corresponds to the general tendency in Ukraine: young people choose "fashionable" spheres in the last decades for the future activity. At the technical faculties the greatest demand was for the following specialties (applications submitted for budget studying): "Software Engineering" (FIOT) - 21.3; "Software Engineering" (FPM) - 20.2; "Computer Science" (IASA) - 19,6; "Cyber ​​Security" (FTI) - 18,8; "Software Engineering" (TEF) - 14.4. The least in demand was the specialty "Material Science" (IFF) - the competition for the places of budget studying was 2.0; "Metallurgy" (IFF) - 2,1; "Heat and power engineering" (TEF) - 2.5.

The Department of Educational Work, the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, the Institute for the Monitoring of Quality of Education and the Center for Testing and Monitoring of Knowledge have launched adaptation courses in mathematics and physics for freshmen. As of September 10, 433 students have been enrolled for mathematics courses, and 415 students for physics.

The largest number of first-year students studying under the contract was enrolled at FIOT - 260 people, FSP-134, FMM-133, VPI-121, FL-110, IASA-82, FTI-75, FPM-66.

According to the results of the admission in 2018 for the full-time form of study were enrolled: 4724 bachelors, 3749 (79.4%) of whom are on the budget form of studying; 2265 masters (practical education), among them 2069 (91,3%) on budget; 254 masters (scientific studying), 245 (96.5%) of whom are at budget places. 195 undergraduate students are enrolled into correspondence form, 87 (44.6%) of whom will be taught at the expense of the budget; 675 masters (practical studying), 584 (86.5%) of whom will be taught by contract.

It should be noted that the Master is an expert in the field of innovative economy that is able to combine research, design and entrepreneurial activity in a comprehensive way, oriented towards the creation of highly effective production structures that stimulate the growth and development of various spheres of social activity. It is supposed that with the participation of entrepreneurs, the master students will be given a course on the development of start-up projects, and one of the sections of the master's thesis will be devoted to their own start-up project, which, in particular, could lead to the organization of a new business.

The organization of the training of masters has certain features: studying on an individual curriculum, attracting technologies of mixed learning, master dissertation of a practical experience - the result of an innovative solution of the applied task based on the well-known theories and methods, the master's dissertation of the academic experience - the result of an independently performed research of a particular object, its characteristics, properties, i.e. research (creative start-ups) on the problems of the industry. The implementation of the curriculum for masters will be witnessed by exams and credits, reports at scientific and educational seminars, preparation and defense of abstracts and reports on performed research. Studying at a master's degree program is conducted under the direction of a scientific supervisor according to the individual student plan and is based on active independent work.

The results of the admission campaign should be the subject of a detailed analysis at the university's educational departments, as a result of which the directors of the institutes, the deans of the faculties, the heads of the departments should elaborate proposals for the provision of the contingent of students, including the optimization of specialization and the structure of the divisions. In order to ensure the quality and quantity of entrants, all faculties, institutes and departments should be involved in vocational guidance work in secondary schools of all types and regions with the presentation of the advantages of innovative education, they should work on improving the information support system of vocational guidance work (popularization of specialties) on the sites of departments, oriented to school young people from junior school. The system of pre-university education should be expanded, it should include all faculties and institutes. In order to eliminate the gaps in basic training, according to the results of the entrance control, the introduction of a system of "Adaptation Rates" at the university on the basis of the Institute for the Monitoring of Quality of Education should be continued.

It is necessary to strengthen cooperation with the Small Academy of Sciences under the "Future of Ukraine" program, to intensify the organization and holding of competitions, exhibitions, creative competitions among schoolchildren, to participate in the creation of centers for scientific and technical youth.

Directors of institutes, deans of faculties and heads of graduate departments should strictly adhere to the requirements of the system of masters training, in particular, of the preparation of individual curricula under the supervision of scientific supervisors, they should ensure the preparation of master's theses, in particular the section "Development of the startup project" and the presentation of the best works at the competition of innovation projects SCh.

According to the report of the first vice-rector Yu.I. Yakymenko at a meeting of the Academic Council of Igor Sikorsky KPI 10.09.2018