The Sixth School of the Entrant

On February 10, in the open student space "Belka" the "School of Igor Sikorsky KPI Entrant" was held for the sixth time. Lecturers and scientists of our university, who in their reports, presentations and demonstrations seemed to compete with each other spoke to the future entrants proving to everyone that the very thing that each of them is engaged in is the most interesting and the most promising.

Postgraduate student of the Department of Philosophy Oleksandr Demariov spoke about his travels in Ukraine in search of ... himself (the topic of the speech - "I went to look for myself – and I did not find anything") and that he found himself when he joined the creative team. Oleksandr Antoniuk, the senior lecturer at the Department of Electronic and Computing Equipment Design was very curious about designing digital systems on the crystal and personally I was convinced by him that this business is more promising for young people than the programmer's work so popular nowadays. The teacher Andriy Ushchapovsky disclosed unexpected for many people the sides of the development and implementation of automated systems in the energy sector. The assistant of the department of Chemical and Technological Faculty Heorhiy Vasyliev and Andriy Novosad from Radio Technological Faculty spoke about the development and operation of corrodes - instruments for determining the rate of corrosion of metals.

[The full version of material is in Ukrainian language]