Faculty of Chemical Technology

Dean professor Astrelin Ihor Mykhaylovych
Address: rooms 226, 245, building 4, 37, Prosp.Peremohy, Kyiv, Ukraine, 03056
Telephone / fax: 38 044 236-97-74
e-maіl: sec[at]xtf.kpi.ua 
Faculty Day: May, 25 (celebration of the chemist’s day)
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The departments of Faculty of Chemical Technology (XTF)

  1. Department of General and Inorganic Chemistry - ZNH
  2. Department of Electrochemical Plants Technology - TEHV
  3. Department of Organic Chemistry and Technology of Organic Compounds - OHTOR
  4. Department of Inorganic Substances, Water Purification and General Chemical Technology - TNR
  5. Department of Physical Chemistry - FH
  6. Department of Chemical Technology of Composite Materials - HTKM
  7. Department of Chemical Technology of Ceramics and Glass - HTKS

Faculty of Chemical Technology was founded together with Polytechnic Institute in 1898. From the first days and up to now due to the achievements and work of the outstanding scientists this department belongs to the most authoritative educational establishments in the world chemical science. And now the team of teachers and researchers preserves and continues the best traditions of teaching experience and creative scientific research.

One of the largest university departments, coeval with KPI, the Department of General and Inorganic Chemistry provides the fundamental training of XTF students and students of 15 another faculties. The Department is famous for scientific developments in complex compound chemistry, perspective materials for electrochemical energy transformers. Its achievements also include publication of two-volume Ukrainian manual “General and Inorganic Chemistry”, latest projects in teaching methodology etc.

The faculty trains specialists in theoretical and applied chemistry, capable of researching of thin or large-tonnage  synthesis of  new organic and inorganic compound, meant for different purposes – counting, corrosion inhibitor of electronic and space technologies.

Another advantage is the ability to develop and design environmentally safe chemical technology, production of catalysts, chemical agents, coagulants, ceramic, silicate, silicium organic, polymeric and many other materials, metals and protective covering with electrochemical purity.

Graduates are capable of developing mathematical models, which can be controlled with the help of computer, and implementing ecological environmental protection measures. They also can conduct the ecological audit.

The graduates work in the chemical establishments of National Academy of Sciences, branch research institutes, companies of chemical and conterminal type, state establishments, enterprises in chemical and conterminal spheres, sanitary epidemic stations, ecological inspection and monitoring establishments, state law and order research subdivisions, stations for preparing drinking water and purification of waste waters.

Students have an opportunity to get the second higher education in management, marketing, law, banking, philology (foreign language) – optionally and individually.

Chemical engineering faculty ensures assistance in employment. Students from other towns are provided with dormitories.

More than 10 thousands of students have been graduated from the faculty. Nowadays they are managers of enterprises and the whole industrial spheres, outstanding scientists , statesmen, candidates (about 1000) and Doctors of Science( more than 300), academicians and associate members of the Academy of Science( more than 20).