3D-tour of Igor Sikorsky KPI

Those who are considering which place to choose for getting higher education, is getting nostalgic for old students years spent in KPI or looking for places of interests in Kyiv have got a chance to have a 3D-tour of the main building, Polytechnic museum and Scientific and technical library of the university. Besides, all interested people can have a virtual tour of sunlit Walk of Fame and the Square of Knowledge.

However, it is better to see with you own eyes instead of reading about this 3D-tour. To do that, follows a link http://3d.kpi.ua.

Members of KPIhub association created at the Department of perspective development of the university to bring together and build collaborative work of students and fellow workers, interested in the development of technical means on implementing projects for web-resources development of NTUU “Igor Sikorsky KPI” provided users with a chance to have a virtual tour of KPI. The initiators of university 3D tour became students of FPM, Vladyslav Kampov and Anton Timenko as well as the fellow worker of the Department, Yevgen Kozak.