The major of "Applied Mathematics" at the Applied Mathematics Faculty implies training specialists for a chief of "Applied Mathematics". The essence of their work in this major lies in developing information technologies and information systems, modeling processes and phenomena, developing theoretical basics of mathematic and general software for the information processing systems, mathematical modeling of complex technical systems, designing artificial intelligence systems, mathematical and algorithmic methods for solving problems implemented through software or software and hardware, designing algorithms for solving problems and planning computing experiments, developing expert systems.

Admission to the chief of "Applied Mathematics" is conducted on a competitive basis.

Students gain a high-level grounding that is directed to the practical use of mathematical methods and means of modern IT for solving wide range if engineering problems in the fields of industrial, ecological and economical spheres.

Alumni work as analysts and programmers:

  • at information and analyst bank departments;
  • at computer departments in firms and companies;
  • at scientific and analytic departments of the SSU, MIF, custom and tax services of Ukraine;
  • at scientific institutes of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine;
  • at the other organizations, both state and private.