Department of Acoustic and Multimedia Electronic Systems (AMES), Faculty of Electronics, National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”

Address: Building 12 , st. Politechnichna 16 , room 229, 03056 , Kyiv, Ukraine

Phone: + 380 44 204 90 72 , Fax: + 380 44 204 82 94

E-mail: department-ames [at]

Acoustics are used in various fields, such as architecture, industry, musical events.

Multimedia specialists develop and maintain up-to-date telecommunication systems and networks, telecommunication equipment, as well as develop, implement and use modern audio and video equipment. Develop and manage systems and technical means of information protection in telecommunication systems;
The main task of an acoustic engineer, regardless of the industry, is to ensure a comfortable time spent by the listener in rooms where there is sound. Acoustic engineers work to reduce noise levels in residential, commercial or public spaces. They are working on the introduction of innovative technologies and new materials. They advise construction companies on ensuring optimal sound insulation, at industrial enterprises, acoustic engineers help to reduce the level of noise and vibration from working machines.
Acoustic engineers are in high demand in the medical field, directly designing and maintaining complex medical equipment such as ultrasound machines.
But modern television is not possible without television engineers who are engaged in operational and service maintenance of audio and video technical equipment, shoot and edit videos.
Acoustics and multimedia are very important in today's world of technology and progress. Not a single movie, not a single holiday, not a single advertisement, and not a single song or audio book would have been born if there was not such an important profession.
International specialty - good acoustic engineers and engineers in the field of multimedia are very much needed abroad
The possibility of studying abroad - our department cooperates with universities in France and Germany
Competitive salary in Ukraine - according to, the average salary of acoustic engineers and video production engineers is UAH 21,500.